Success Financial Team Experts Share Reasons Why Your Website Content Isn't Delivering Results

You believe you’ve done everything correctly, but your website traffic statistics indicate otherwise. Clearly, there’s something wrong. Perhaps you’re just a few tweaks away from getting lots of customers?

Fortunately, you’ve arrived at the right location. We’ll teach you how to fix valid reasons why your website isn’t operating in this post.

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Reasons Why Your Website Content Isn’t Delivering Results

  1. There is a penalty on your website.

Successful Financial Team explains that Penalties may potentially prevent your website from appearing in Google’s search results. If your site doesn’t meet Google’s quality guidelines, it may temporarily or permanently remove your site from search results.

This can resolve your burning question “why doesn’t my website show up on Google” if your site isn’t new and has a proper robots.txt file.

  • Your content isn’t targeting the right keywords

According to the Successful Financial Team, if search engines can’t figure out what queries you’re trying to address, you’ll have a difficult time ranking (and therefore won’t be found). There’s a lot that goes into SEO optimization, but at its most basic level, your website’s content must communicate what your service/product/company is solving for and how people are searching for it.

This can be accomplished by conducting keyword research for your article. This is true not only for blog posts but for any page on your website.

  • Your design isn’t suitable for mobile devices.

If your website just looks good and operates on a desktop computer, you’re cutting your chances of success in half.

Consider the last instance you attempted to search up a business on your phone and couldn’t go past the first page that appeared. The words were tiny. When you tried to zoom in to read them, you accidentally hit hyperlinks that took you places you didn’t want to go. Navigation was next to impossible.

If you’re like most people, you left as quickly as you could. Sometimes websites don’t work on mobile because they use outdated technology.

Other websites are only compatible with specified screen sizes, and mobile devices come in an ever-changing range of sizes. If your website isn’t generating any traffic and you know it’s displaying the desktop version to all users regardless of device, that could be the issue.

  • You’re not making use of Google My Business

Google wants the easiest and quickest way to find and deliver relevant results. Making use of Google My Business results accomplishes that.

Plus, having an account tells Google that you care about ranking, your website is up-to-date, and you want to cooperate with their systems. Google likes that and prioritizes businesses that use Google My Business.