7 Ways to Use Experiential Marketing to Increase Holiday Sales

Experiential marketing is an especially effective marketing technique for businesses in seasonal industries. It is a series of activities planned by the company that are designed to engage consumers, use their senses and stimulate them with new experiences. This post will discuss how to use experiential marketing to increase holiday sales.

1. Create a Seasonal Sales Event

Creating a seasonal sales event can be one of the most exciting aspects of experiential marketing. A seasonal sales event is planned by a business that happens throughout the year and usually coincides with a holiday.  It is designed to add excitement to the holidays and attract more customers to stores and online shopping.  For example, many retailers sell out their stock during the shopping season on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other high-traffic days.

2. Use Social Media to Promote Special Events

Social media is also easy for you or your team to promote your seasonal sales events on Facebook and Twitter. You should use social media to create contests, ask questions, and run polls that can encourage your fans to participate in your sales events.  You should also use social media for advertising when you have big sales events throughout the year.

3. Create a Holiday Promotion

Holiday promotions are another way experiential marketing can be used during the holidays. Creating a holiday promotion is a great way to increase traffic to your store or online shop by offering special deals and incentives for holiday shoppers. You can create unique incentives, such as offering discounts on purchases over $100 and upselling products to customers who purchase one or more of your basic items at higher prices.

4. Run a Limited-Time Sale

Running a limited-time sale is another way to increase holiday sales by using experiential marketing. A limited-time sale is designed to sell products that you would not normally sell during the regular season. They are especially useful for seasonal industries like advertising agencies, print shops, and retail stores because they can effectively use experiential marketing throughout the year to increase sales during the holidays.

5. Create a Special Promotion for Holiday Shoppers

Another way to encourage holiday shoppers to purchase more is to run a special promotion for holiday shoppers. Holiday shoppers usually have a certain budget and only have so much money to spend. To encourage holiday shoppers to purchase more, you should run special promotions throughout the year that offer discounts and specials on high-ticket items and items that can be used during the holiday season.

6. Regularly Host Events During the Holidays

Regularly hosting events in your store or online shop can also help increase holiday sales. These events can be seasonal sales events, parties, socials, etc. The events can be designed to provide quality service to customers. They are better than simply running a sale because they enhance the holiday experience and create excitement.

7. Use Experiential Marketing in Speaking Engagements

Experiential marketing can be used during speaking engagements since you can use it to make the speakers more excited about the topic of their speeches. You can run experiential marketing tests throughout your speaking engagements in targeted markets such as hotels, outlet malls, restaurants, etc.

In conclusion, experiential marketing is an effective way to increase holiday sales. It can be used annually to create excitement for the holidays and increase sales.