Pastor Chris Had a Successful Conference in the Middle of the World Cup

The SSE Arena in Wembley, London has hosted numerous games over the years, but July 14 and 15 the stadium hosted one of Pastor Chris’ most successful conferences with religious leaders from around the world.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been the leader of a growing ministry for years. He is a well-known and respected member of the Christian community. His ministry, Christ Embassy, and the Believers LoveWorld helped secure the stadium in Wembley for this meeting between religious leaders.

The two-day conference was a major success despite taking place at 3 pm during important days of the World Cup 2018. This tournament involves several countries around the world and England was one of those countries. This only takes place every four years, so it is a very important tournament, which worried the organizers of this event.

Some were worried that they were going to have a hard time securing attendance, but all of those worries were set to rest during the two-day conference. The organizers worked to ensure attendance since every seat was filled. Pastor Chris and many of his followers saw this as a success not only for their marketing team but for the Holy Spirit who stirred the soul of those who attended.

Thousands of people attended Pastor Chris’ two-day event. The stadium was full of other pastors, partners, and spiritual leaders from places like Africa or North America just to name a few. The international group of attendees made the organizers of the event even more worried about attendance since the chances of one of their national teams playing that day was higher.

The conference was called the Leaders and Partners Conference, but all the organizers pointed out that this was simply the first of many programs that they are planning. Pastor Chris has many similar conferences planned, and he is calling 2018 the “Year of the Supernatural” because he knows that his teachings are going to help bring forth a new spiritual awakening.

One thing that makes Pastor Chris an effective leader in the faith is his beliefs and his convictions. Perhaps this is one reason why his sermons have always had an electrifying element to them. Those who attended said that Pastor Chris’ was able to connect to the attendees easily. Many of those who heard his teachings said they were were impressed and knew that his words were going to live with them for years to come.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been excited to see all the changes that the Holy Ghost has brought to the Christian family. He is so thankful that God has given him an opportunity to be a part of his master plan. The Pastor said that “we are taking things to another level,” which is happening by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Pastor Chris pours his soul into every sermon because he knows that those who attend his programs could be enlightened and shown a path to a new pedestal of faith.

There is no doubt that this past event was a success for all the organizations involved and for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It is clear that the conference was facing stiff competition because the World Cup is considered the biggest sporting event in the entire world, but the power of the Lord truly shined. The pastor and his partners were happy to see that the likelihood of their conferences being a success is high.

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$10,000 in pet beds donated to Seattle Humane

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Christmas came early this season in the Seattle Humane Society in Bellevue, because of Furhaven Pet Products. The Bellingham company’s Tails of Pleasure program just designed a huge donation of pet beds, all because of its customers.

Christine Brenner, with FurHaven, described that whenever the organization was searching for the way to provide back, it made the decision to give one pet bed for each bed that the customer buys with the Tails of Pleasure program.

Brenner stated the organization select a different shelter each month to get the donated beds.

This month, all sales in the month of April visited San antonio Humane.

Amy Porter, your dog care program manager at San antonio Humane was giddy in the donation $10,000 price of free beds.

“First of we are likely to develop a massive pillow fort, invest the young puppies we have on campus there. Next all bets are off,” Porter joked.

In most significance, Porter stated the shelter provides extensive senior dogs in the shelter and also the new beds can give them enhanced comfort they require until they’re adopted to new families.

“Personally i think like Oprah ‘You obtain a bed and you receive a bed and you want to bed!she stated.

The donation is selected through the staff at FurHaven. The organization chose beds they thought would match perfect for the cats and dogs living at San antonio Humane. There are various mattresses, shapes, colors, fabrics and fashions. And on top of that, every bed donated here’s washable.

Good factor, since Porter stated the Humane Society does about 60 lots of laundry each day.

Brenner stated FurHaven knows all the beds are comfy since the organization has generated-in product testers, In regards to a dozen dogs roam the hallways and work place at FurHaven every single day, giving every design an intensive product test.

“So that they can’t stand fabrics that crinkle a great deal it is something concerning the noise that does not always attract them – they love stuff that are snuggly and soft, so nice soft for covers very well,” stated Brenner

In most, Brenner stated Furhaven offers 100 different types of beds for dogs and cats, small and big.

To look into the Tails of Pleasure program, just mind towards the FurHaven website.

Washington County Humane Society Mega Rummage Sale

It’s rummage sale season, and chances are you’re bound to stumble upon a sale or two in the next couple months. But you won’t see many rummage sales like the Washington County Humane Society’s Mega Rummage Sale! Joining us to discuss this event where they’ll e selling thousands of items, all while helping animals in need, are Jessica Jacklin and Kit Harrison.

Washington County Humane Society’s Mega Rummage Sale is taking place June 1-3. They are accepting donations until May 27. For more information, visit

Humane Society Requesting Help After Five Young puppies Found Burned

FORT Cruz A nearby humane society is requesting help after five young puppies put together with chemical burns lower on their backs.

Anticipation Humane Society in Fort Cruz is supplying around-the-clock health care towards the young puppies, that have been present in an alley and introduced towards the shelter. The nonprofit has become searching for individuals prepared to promote these young puppies inside a loving home.

The young puppies is going to be set up for adoption after they are healed enough. Meanwhile, anticipation Humane Society is requesting donations to assist with treatment. They’re also asking the general public to assist name the 5 young puppies.

Individuals interested will go online towards the HOPE Humane Society’s Facebook page, discover the publish concerning the five young puppies making a donation. Name suggestions can be created around the publish. You will find three women and 2 boys.

All the donations elevated can help cover medical costs and enter in the nonprofit’s medical fund.