Self-Care: Develop Psychological, Physical, and Mental Resilience

A sound and robust health entails enhancing the functionality of the body. External threats are many that the body comes across, but a caring for overall health leads to realizing one’s purpose. In recent years, technological advancements led to research and studies in the medical field. More people are now aware of the various disease-causing micro-organisms. Being pro-active in personal care is a significant technique of being healthy, i.e. mental, physical, and emotional. Urgent care is essential for someone in pain or requiring medical attention. Let us understand more about achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Types of Health

Below are the common types of health in human beings;

• Physical

• Mental

• Financial

• Emotional

• Spiritual

The first two types of health are the most common, and we will discuss them in details later. On the other hand, the remaining three are a critical part of developing a healthy lifestyle. Having stability in finances helps one adopt a nutritional diet. Emotional well-being builds self-esteem while spiritual health aids in mental wellness.

Factors that Influence a Person’s Health

Below are two significant factors that influence health;


Some of the common illnesses and diseases are genetic. One can be susceptible to certain kinds of conditions when a person has their parent’s genes. The genetic composition of a person will influence the sate of a person’s health since birth.


A person’s surroundings will have a significant influence on the level of health. Exposing oneself to unhealthy environments is a major cause of genetic conditions to manifest. It is critical to live in an environment that is clean and free from germs. Breathing clean air reduces the chances of illnesses due to pollution.

Having non-toxic relationships will help in mental and emotional well-being. It allows you to be happy as well as to find social support from the community that you live in. Choosing the kind of life that you live can either have a positive or negative effect on your health. It is critical to limit the use of drugs and risky sexual behaviors. Improving social life reduces stress and makes the body less prone to lifestyle diseases.

Physical Health

Good nutrition and regular exercising are vital for developing good physical health. Research shows that human beings can live longer by being active and fit. Whenever visiting a new place, it is essential to be vaccinated. Maintaining high levels of hygiene and cleanliness is beneficial to physical health.

Mental Health

Without mental health, a person cannot enjoy a full life. The experiences that one undergoes can affect the perception of life. It may lead to cognitive problems that affect the psychological, emotional, and social well-being.

Becoming a healthier Person

Although change is hard, it is inevitable when one is looking to make life better. The process of attaining a healthy lifestyle is gradual. A systematic approach to healthy living will help you achieve more with less time. It is critical to find alternative activities and products to those that harm your health.

8 Reasons to Consider a Revision Tummy Tuck

The vast majority of patients are more than satisfied with their tummy tuck results. However, to correct post tummy tuck concerns, a revision procedure is sometimes necessary.

Revision surgery has unique challenges, including scar tissue, so it’s essential to choose the right surgeon. There’s nothing stopping you from choosing a different surgeon for your revision tummy tuck either. Just make sure that your surgeon has experience with revision surgery. 

So, how do you know whether you need a revision tummy tuck at all?

Why You Should Consider Revision Abdominoplasty

Here are some of the main reasons why a revision tummy tuck might be right for you.

  1. Stretched Abdominal Muscles Continue to Be a Problem

It’s not uncommon for the abdominal muscles to stretch and separate during pregnancy and weight loss. A standard tummy tuck only focuses on removing sagging skin though. If exercise is not strengthening the abdominal muscles, a revision procedure may be necessary. A bulge at the front of the stomach also indicates the muscles need to be repaired. 

  1. Liposuction is Necessary

When reading through tummy tuck procedure details, liposuction is almost always mentioned. However, not every tummy tuck includes liposuction, which can affect the final results.  Patients who schedule liposuction after a tummy tuck to improve their results, often end up with additional loose skin. This is when a revision procedure is necessary. 

  1. You Decided to Have Another Baby

It’s recommended that women wait until after they’ve completed their families to schedule a tummy tuck. However, many women change their minds about having another baby. It’s still possible to get pregnant after a tummy tuck but it will affect your results. Revision abdominoplasty is common amongst women who decide to have more children after their initial procedure. 

  1. Your Skin Flaps Don’t Line Up

When the stomach is stitched up after a tummy tuck, the skin flaps should line up perfectly to achieve an attractive result. An inexperienced surgeon may leave patients with crooked lines where the skin was closed. If this is the case, a revision procedure is required to minimise the appearance of scarring.

  1. Your Belly Button Doesn’t Look Normal

If your belly button doesn’t look the same after your initial tummy tuck, revision surgery is required. Inexperienced surgeons tend to make the belly button too round, which doesn’t look natural. Following revision abdominoplasty, the belly button should be oval in shape, have a small hood and look much more natural. 

  1. You’ve Gained and Lost Weight

Maintaining a stable weight is essential if you want to prevent your skin from stretching again. If you happen to gain and lose weight again, whether naturally or due to pregnancy, revision abdominoplasty is an option.

  1. You Want to Touch Up the Results of Your First Tummy Tuck

While a tummy tuck is designed to permanently remove excess, sagging skin, this won’t stop the ageing process from taking its toll. The skin naturally becomes less elastic with age, which can leave you with loose skin after your first procedure. Most patients consider revision abdominoplasty 20 years after their first surgery. 

  1. You Want to Enhance the Results of Your Mini Tummy Tuck

After birth, most women are left with an overhanging flap of skin on the lower abdomen. A mini tummy tuck is ideal for removing this skin pouch and it doesn’t require a lengthy recovery either. Later on in life, it’s not uncommon for women to want to get rid of additional loose skin to enhance the results of their mini tummy tuck.  This is when revision abdominoplasty becomes a consideration.

Taking the Next Steps

Being unhappy with your tummy tuck results is not ideal but revision surgery is always an option. Take the time to decide whether your original surgeon is the best person for this procedure or if you need to restart your search. You want to be sure that your revision surgery is 100% successful to avoid even further disappointment.

Since revision surgery tends to be more complex, you need a surgeon who understands what’s required to create a pleasing result the second time around. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from people you know and trust – you don’t quite realise how many people have had cosmetic surgery until you start asking.

Top 3 Finishing Touches For Your Master Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a retreat where you can escape from the daily grind. Regardless of whether you live in a mansion or a smaller abode, it should be a sleep sanctuary. 

This piece looks into ways you can apply functional finishing touches to your master bedroom, to make it a masterpiece. We’ll explore practical tips and share ideas to ensure it’s a dreamy space to recharge.

Furniture and Finery 

Your bedroom furniture and finery should all work towards inducing sleep. Create a strong mental connection between your bedroom, your bed, and sleep.

The Bed 

Your bed is the main feature and should be comfortable with a quality mattress. Sleep experts also state that your bed should be used exclusively for sleeping and sex. 

Do some research before you buy yours and look at guidelines from the best mattress for sex article from It’ll help you find a suitable sleeping surface that also suits your needs under the covers. 

Replace your pillows and duvets or bed covers before they’re completely worn out. Your mattress should ideally be replaced every ten years, but listen to your body and upgrade before being uncomfortable or in pain. 

Paint Colours

To promote tranquillity and a feeling of calmness in the bedroom, opt for shades of blue. If that’s not your preference, keep it neutral. It’ll help you relax and support the optimal sleeping environment, namely cool, dark, and quiet. 

Dim the Lights

While your room temperature should be cool, the shade of lighting should be warm and soft. Bedroom light shouldn’t be bright.

Install some dimmers on your overhead lights and add finishing touches with decorative lamps on the nightstands. 


Keep your bedroom cozy and comfortable, but avoid clutter. If your bedroom is too messy, you won’t be able to settle down. A tidy bedroom exudes a feeling of serenity. 

Keep it Neat 

Ensure that clothes, shoes, and bags can be neatly stored away. Make your bed every morning. 

Experts reckon it’s not only a good habit that can affect your mood for the rest of the day. It also ensures you’ll return in the evening to a neatly sleep ready environment. 

Linen Love 

Ensure that your bed linen is snug but breathable for maximum sleep comfort. Opt for fabrics like cotton that won’t leave you waking up too hot or too cold. 

Change your bedding at least once a week. Nothing beats the feeling of falling asleep in a comfortable bed with freshly laundered sheets and pillowcases. 

Clean Up 

A clean bedroom promotes healthier sleep. We spend several hours each night there, so dust and vacuum your bedroom regularly.

This is especially important if you suffer from allergies or have a pet in the house that may share your bed. 

Celebrate Your Style 

While all the practical matters of your master bedroom are essential, it should also suit your style. Creating a stylish showpiece is as easy as looking up the latest bedroom decor trends.

Once you’ve reviewed what’s fashionable, you can adjust it to suit your preferences and refine it to make it your own. 


Headboards are great additions to frame your bed as the centerpiece in the room. You can also consider other options to hang above your bed.

Ornate mirrors or a beautiful piece of fabric will make an alluring focal point. You could also create ambiance with overhead bedside lights or creatively use a curtain or piece of cloth. 

All Arty  

When selecting art for your bedroom, one statement piece is ideal. Find something that makes a peaceful declaration, and you love to see every day as you wake up and go to sleep.

You could also consider a sculpture as a centerpiece that will artfully enhance the whole room’s composition.  


Plants can add a healthy dose of color plus benefit your sleeping environment. It not only brings the outdoors in but adds a living touch to your decorative efforts. 

Indoor greenery adds more value by purifying the air too. Research options like snake plants, ferns, or add a few exquisite orchids.  

Orchids are available in many varieties and colors which makes these exquisite beauties popular in bedrooms. They’re more active during the evening when they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen to improve the air quality in your bedroom at night. 

Final Thoughts 

Add finishing touches to your bedroom by combining functional and fashionable items that suit your unique style and needs.

Opt for quality furniture and keep it uncluttered and tidy. This will promote restful sleep and minimize messiness. 

Your master bedroom can become a masterpiece when you add your personal touch to it. Decorate it with art, greenery, and other beautiful items you love to see every day as the ultimate finishing touch. 

Mixing Different Strains – What You Need To Know

When it comes to cannabis, we all have our favorites, don’t we? You can even have more than one, thus allowing you to taste many combinations together. In the world of weed, there is numerous cannabis available. Some of them are used for stimulation, while some work great when relaxing the mind. 

This article talks about the things that you should know while mixing different strains. 

Each strain has a unique feature and comprises phytochemicals, and it contains different combinations of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. These molecules play a crucial role when it comes to determining psychoactive or non-psychoactive nature. The smokers of cannabis combine unique properties, and therefore, they enjoy an exceptional experience.

What is the best cannabis for smoking?

The advanced growing techniques of cannabis allow you to taste the different blends and so, allow you to enjoy two incredible strains to maximize your mental ability. Again, if you combine two stoney strains, it can help with a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Is smoking two cannabis good?

Some smokers wonder whether the high from two strains would give them a better experience than smoking a single strain. Although the process can be a prolonged one, it can pay off well with some patience. You might pick up the right combination of terpene rather than going for cannabinoid. Better known as small particles containing excellent aroma, these molecules are best suitable when consumed together with different strains. 

Combining different strains of cannabis: Two cannabis shots, when taken together, can work the best. For the best effects, you can choose two shots and put them together to see how they work. 

Cannabinoids: Cannabinoids are known for its best effects when it comes to achieving excellent highs. THC, used in high levels, maximizes the experience, thus making it psychoactive. Some of the best effects of THC include happiness, feeling of hunger, changing moods, and euphoria. Sometimes it can also lead to paranoia and nervousness. On the other hand, CBD does not give you the required high. It gives you a straightforward experience, thus easing out tension and bringing in peace.

Terpenes: While mixing strains, you must pay attention to terpenes due to two reasons. During the time of mixing cultivars, you must pay attention to the fact that terpenes give you the high. Limonene and Linalool provide you with zesty citrus and tangy tastes, thus enhancing the blends fruitiness. 

Some examples of earthy and deep strains are Pinene and humulene, which gives you a refreshing experience. Another pair is Caryophyllene and myrcene, which are known for their spiciness. Indica provides you with physical high, and Sativa gives you an energetic high. 

Is it reasonable to combine two cannabis?

There is nothing to lose when it comes to mixing two strains so it is definitely worth giving a try. Even though it is trial and error, with the right pairing, your try can be worth the effort. 

Finally, go ahead and mix two different strains and see what you think.

Signs of conservatorship abuse

Conservatorship is a legal binding arrangement in which someone that is assigned by the court acts as another person’s financial overseer. This usually takes place when a person is elderly, nearing the end of their life, or has become unable to make financial decisions on their own. 

Conservators are given the power to make financial decisions on behalf of a person that is unable to make decisions for themselves and are expected to always act in the best interest of the person they’re assigned to represent. The conservator will manage that person’s finances until they recover or until they pass away.

Sometimes, a person may abuse this power and steal from the person, or act unethically in some other way. If you believe that you or a loved one is the victim of conservatorship abuse, here the signs to be aware of and what you can do. 

What are the Signs of Conservatorship Abuse?

The signs or red flags to be aware of come in a variety of forms. While each sign may not prove abuse, it’s in your best interest to get to the bottom of what’s happening. Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Unpaid bills
  • Sudden changes in banking, like irregular or unexpected withdrawals
  • Forgery of financial documents
  • Sudden changes in the person’s will or estate plans
  • Unexplained loss of funds, property, or possessions
  • Additional individuals taking gifts from the person in question
  • New attorneys, accountants, and caregivers
  • Setting up a new charity that was not discussed prior

You should also watch out for any new limitations on personal access or contact with your loved one, since the person that is doing the abusing would likely not want anyone to know what they’re up to. If the conservator is up to no good, they will likely isolate the victim so that no one knows what’s going on.

If you notice any signs of abuse or any unusual activity or behavior, it’s best to act quickly before it’s too late. Since the conservator legally has complete control over a person’s financial assets, you must also act decisively before too much damage is done. Speak with an attorney to help you understand the probate process if you’re unsure. 

How to Stop Conservatorship Abuse

If your loved one has a legal binding conservatorship in place, then the conservator has signed a Conservator Bond. This is a built-in protection that acts as a promise by the conservator to not abuse their power or the person’s finances. If you suspect wrong doing, you can make a claim against this bond for any reason that is financial in nature. Hiring legal representation, like this Orange County probate attorney, is highly advised. 

Reasons to file a claim include misuse of money, fraud, theft, misrepresentation, or going against the wishes of the person in question. However, it’s important to remember that even a successful claim against the bond doesn’t mean the court will replace or stop the conservatorship. You will need to ask the court to assign a different person.

What to Expect

You can ask to change a conservator at any time. After you file a claim, the court will hold a hearing to determine if the conservatorship has been abused. Your attorney and the court will look at records and bank statements to make this decision. If abuse is found, the previous conservator may have to pay back any assets that have been stolen, as well as any other penalties.

Stages Of Grieving A Disability

An acquired disability can make for a big adjustment to your life. It will likely impact your ability to be fairly considered for certain jobs, according to LA employment lawyer Omid Nostri, and that’s in addition to the physical impact your disability has upon your ability to operate in your day-to-day life. This, of course, is a major source of grief for those who have become newly disabled, and there are times when that grief can get to a point where it seems inescapable.

Understanding how grief moves in stages, though, can be helpful in coming to terms with it. What follows is a common path that many who become disabled follow (though in no set order) as they learn to deal with their loss of ability, come to grips with their intense feelings, and, over time, start to regain the self-worth that they deserve.

Grief Comes In Different Waves

Again, these stages aren’t always linear, but in many cases, the initial loss of an ability is met with denial. You might be in disbelief that whatever caused your disability actually happened. 

You might feel, at first, that you still have or should have the ability that you lost. This stage can be dangerous because you may attempt something that you are not capable of and hurt yourself inadvertently. 

Even if you don’t hurt yourself physically, though, not being able to accomplish what you wanted can cause you to transition to a second phase of emotional pain — anger.

Feeling incapable can cause some people to lash out with rage. It’s similar to when you lose a close friend or relative, and all you can focus on is how you want retribution for their passing. 

That retribution never comes, though, at least not how you might be expecting it. This sends some people into a potentially endless spiral of anger, one which they can’t escape from for the rest of their lives.

For those that manage to contain their, though, they may start bargaining with themselves — placing blame on themselves for not trying hard enough to recover their lost ability or wishing there was something they could do to bring that ability back. This too is impossible, though, and upon realizing it, it’s quite likely that you’ll start to feel deep sadness.

Depression can bring you down, make you despondent, and sometimes choke the will to live. It’s possible to drift back and forth between sadness and bargaining, but ultimately, if you are to cope, you’ll have to arrive at acceptance for what has happened to you. There still may be moments where you grieve, but in this final stage, you understand that reality is what it is, and you can resolve yourself to move on with your life.

Amped Local: Reviews and Testimonials from Clients

A screenshot of a cell phone

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When you’re looking to boost your business and increase your revenue, tapping into the power of SEO can make a huge difference. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a way of using specific keywords and strategies to drive audience traffic to your webpages. 

When used correctly, SEO techniques can help people who are genuinely interested in your product or services find your business in an organic way. That’s why Amped Local Inc, a locally-owned SEO company in San Diego, has been such a hit with its clients. 

The internet marketing agency specializes in SEO practices, which can be combined with other services such as web design, Facebook marketing, and their most popular service, lead generation services. Amped Local was also just named one of the 10 best local SEO companies.

Run by pros

Amped Local knocks it out of the park when it comes to SEO services because the company is headed by an SEO and digital marketing pro. Douglas James is an entrepreneur and expert in internet marketing, who uses his years of success and experience to help other entrepreneurs and businesspeople find the success they’re looking for.

What Amped Local does

Amped Local has a wide array of services, which are suitable for any business looking to get more business. Their main services involve SEO, which can help local businesses get better Google search rankings, therefore increasing their visibility. 

They can even help you rank on the very first page of Google search results, which is where a majority of customers choose a business. Amped Local’s other services include ad management for Google and Facebook ads, as well as lead generation, social media optimization, and business phone systems.

Reviews and client testimonials

Clients choose to work with Amped Local to grow their businesses, and the good thing is, there are plenty of customer testimonials we can refer to, in order to see how Amped Local delivers on their promises. 

The review we’ve seen are all glowing and show that Amped Local often over-delivers on their promises to clients. Here are a few excerpts from recent customer reviews:

  • “Douglas hit this project out of the park. Way over delivered on client’s expectations.”
  • “Amped local San Diego came through for my sister’s barber shop. Her Google ranking was very bad, and we could not even find her on the internet…she ranks on first page now.”
  • “This company is the best hands down. I worked with another SEO company and had very high hopes, but I never got any new business.”
  • “Been working with Amped for about 3 months now. They are extremely professional, and I’ve learned a lot from them already.”

Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in maximizing your revenue, driving organic customers to your business, and ranking better on Google, Amped Local can definitely help you out. Douglas James is a guru when it comes to these services, and there are plenty of ways he and the Amped Local team can help you achieve those goals. If you want to learn more, you can reach out to Amped Local on their website at

Life in Malawi By Mohammad Alshereda

The Republic of Malawi is a country located in south east Africa. It gained its independence in 1964. Its population is about 19.1 million. The capital of Malawi is a city called Lilongwe.

There are about 12 ethnic groups in Malawi and the main 5 of them are:

– 34.4% Chewa (mostly Christians).

– 18.9% Lomwe (mostly Christians).

– 13.3% Yao (Muslims).

– 10.4% Ngoni (mostly Christians).

– 9.2% Tumbuka (mostly Christians).

The president of Malawi is Lazarus Chakwera who came to office in June 2020. He is the head of the Malawi Congress Party.

Malawi is on the top 10 list of poorest countries in the world. People there lack the basic elements of life necessities like water and electricity. Schools there are very small buildings and they don’t even have appropriate boards. The situation there is very sad to see.

Is it fair that some people own billions of dollars, grand mansions and fancy supercars while other people in the world suffer from extreme poverty and famine to a degree that they can’t get enough food for 1 day?

I personally encourage everyone to help the people of Malawi because they deserve your help.

My message to everyone who is generous enough to help:

“Never forget about the people of Africa as they are our brothers and sisters in humanity”

How to cope with sudden disability

Suddenly becoming disabled is not only a physical challenge, but a mental and emotional one as well. Roughly 40 million Americans, or 12.6% of the population, live with disabilities every day. Their day-to-day lives are drastically altered, as are their financial situations. 

If you have recently become a part of that demographic, learning to cope with your new reality is an incredible challenge. However, there are healthy ways to adjust. Here’s how you can cope with a sudden disability. 

It’s Okay to Grieve

Sudden disabilities are often the result of accidents or malicious attacks, both of which are horrifying experiences on their own. Add in a disability, and the amount of pain and anguish someone experiences can feel crushing. 

Don’t feel as though you have to be strong or tough right now. It’s okay to be upset, angry, and even depressed. Allow yourself to grieve and take the time to work through your emotions. This will help you come to a mental and emotional state of acceptance, eventually, and strengthen your resolve to move on. 

Cut Out Stress

Disabilities come with limitations, which is challenging for anyone to deal with. Finding a middle ground between what your life used to be like and what you’re capable of doing now comes with an intense amount of stress. However, you shouldn’t pile extra stress on top of that.

If you were involved in a malicious attack, for instance, take the legal stress off your shoulders with an expert like criminal defense attorney Kathleen Alvarado. You should also try to handle on life change at a time, helping you adjust gradually instead of trying to tackle everything all at once. 

A New Purpose

Disabilities often make it impossible to return to the same job you had before the accident. As you recover, now is an excellent time to look for new reasons to get out of bed in the morning. Maybe there’s a hobby you’ve put off due to work? If not, think about what you truly enjoy and pursue a new passion. 

Your Support Network

During this challenging time, you’ll need to rely on friends and family to get through. Some people may not find that enough or not have that type of support network. If that’s the case for you, then it’s vital that you build a new network. 

Start with your attorney, like these injury lawyers in Folsom. They can direct you to professional therapists, which is a vital foundation for healing your emotional and mental state. These same professionals can help you find groups of individuals going through similar situations to your own. 

Support groups contain individuals that can sympathize with you, relating to wat you’re going through and reminding you that you are not alone. These groups are also an excellent resource for learning about medical treatments, financial aid, and more. 

Be Kind to Yourself

The worst thing you can do right now is talk down to yourself or beat yourself up over your new disability. Work on talking to yourself in a positive way, even if it’s just a conversation in your head. Congratulate yourself on any successes in recovery, allow yourself to be pampered when possible, and create a daily routine that replaces your negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones. 

Symptoms Of Complicated Grief

Grief is an emotion that can run deep, seriously affecting lives. It doesn’t matter if it was caused by losing a loved one to cancer or freak trucking accidents, experiencing some level of grief is a completely normal and expected reaction. Sometimes, though, that grief can exceed what most would consider normal, passing into the territory of what is known as “complicated grief.” According to Mayo Clinic, individuals will very often have some variations in how they experience four major stages of grieving:

  • Accepting the reality of the loss
  • Being open to experiencing the pain of loss
  • Adjusting to a new reality in which the deceased is no longer present
  • Having other relationships

Complicated grief, however, is grief that carries on more than a year after the traumatic death of a loved one, and that falls well outside the parameters of what’s considered average. It can have far reaching consequences but can be readily identified by some specific symptoms. Let’s proceed by taking a look at what you should be watching out for in cases where you suspect complicated grief.

Recognizing Complicated Grief

The largest distinguishing factor between normal grief and complicated grief is the fact that complicated grief symptoms last for months longer than normal grief symptoms. Other than that, though, they are largely similar and include the following:

  • Numbness over loss and disbelief over the death
  • Inability to accept the death of their loved one
  • Preoccupation over their loved one’s death
  • Bitterness, anger, and intense sorrow
  • Inability to feel joy over good memories
  • Self-blame over their loved one’s death
  • Feeling that life is meaningless
  • A loss of identity or purpose
  • Wanting to die to join their lost love one

That last point is particularly troubling, especially when it manifests with complicated grief long after the loved one’s death occurred. If you are experiencing these symptoms yourself, or you know someone else closed to the deceased individual who is exhibiting these signs, it’s important that they seek assistance from mental health professionals, as this is one of the best ways to process complicated grief.

Tips For Coping With Loss

In addition to seeking the help of professional health care providers, there are a number of self care tips you should observe to help with getting past grief and loss. For starters, being patient with yourself and allowing time to experience emotions without judgement is a step that’s critical to the healing process. Beyond that, though, you should try to do your best to maintain a normal routine, limit major life changes, and take care of yourself both physically and mentally to speed your recovery.