5 Things to Double Check When Choosing a Nursing Home for a Parent

Making the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is tough enough, but choosing the right facility is even more challenging. Unfortunately, tours of the home and brochures only paint part of the picture. If you want to find the best place for your parent, here five things to double check. 

1. Realistic Location

It’s essential that you find a home as close to your own as possible. While you might be committed to making lengthy drives now, that aspect will eventually affect your ability to visit your parent. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice a top-ranked nursing home far away for something comparable nearby. 

2. Services Matter

While taking a tour of the home, make sure to ask extensive questions about the services they provide. Then, double check to ensure these services cover everything your parent needs. Chronic conditions, diseases, supplemental oxygen, and rehabilitation services are all things to consider.

Not every nursing home is capable of providing the same level of care for their residents. Others are designed to treat specific conditions and their symptoms, like a memory care facility. You should also ask about whether or not specialty doctors are on staff and, if not, how far away these doctors are for urgent matters. 

3. Insurance Policies

It’s vital that you know how you or your parent intends to pay for their stay at the home. Most individuals rely on insurance, which is why it helps to know what policies the home accepts. Should your parent’s insurance situation change, you also need to know if the home accepts Medicaid. 

4. Health Safety and Life Quality

There are a myriad of questions you should ask about health safety. You need to know how staff prevents pressure sores for patients stuck in bed, what measures they take to avoid infections, and how attentive they are to patient emergencies. For the latter, it helps to ask residents how long they wait when they ask for help. The last thing you want is to have to hire a personal injury attorney because your parent was neglected. 

As for quality of life, there’s a lot to investigate. Residents should be able to eat, sleep, and live their lives at any time. Food served should be healthy while accommodating a wide variety of diets, while scheduled activities should be in abundance. Transportation should be offered for outings, and it’s essential that residents can spend time outdoors. 

5. Take a Close Look at the Staff

One vital component of patient care is the amount of time nurses and aids spend with residents. They need to be attentive to your parent’s needs and fully care for any conditions. Staff turnover is also a key indicator of what kind of quality your parent can expect.

Nursing homes that have trouble retaining employees should stand out as a red flag. Staff should also have consistent assignments, which means your parent will deal with the same people each day. This allows your parent to feel more comfortable while helping staff better anticipate your parent’s needs. 

Quality Marketing Group: 4 Innovations Which Revolutionized the Travel Industry

The travel industry has met a lot of changes over the last few years. Between advancements in technology and the travel field itself, the vacation industry has changed exponentially in the last few years alone. It’s with these advancements that vacations have become an easier and more accessible endeavor for many, no matter their interest, finances, or travel knowledge.

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Quality Marketing Group’s goal is to make going on vacations a reality for everyone. Through their ability to provide affordable, accessible vacations to many, Quality Marketing Group has paved the way in the travel industry. They’re using their expertise in the industry to expand the vacation realm to more people no matter their background. As provided by Quality Marketing Group, here are 4 innovations which revolutionized the travel industry.


One of the most frustrating part of booking a vacation is all of the loose ends. Flight? Car? Hotel? Resort? Reservations? Tickets? It can easily feel like a never-ending list of things to do to get ready for a vacation. This long list of tasks can make a vacation seem overwhelmingly expensive and time-consuming to plan. Being able to “bundle” your vacation tasks all in one place keeps you organized, makes it easy, and can even make it cheaper!

Affordable Pricing

A lot of websites offer cheaper pricing on hotels and flights by filling rooms and seats that would otherwise go unpurchased. This system is a win/win for both industry and consumer. The concept takes the gap between supply and demand and makes it appealing to a consumer that might not otherwise have considered it. For example, a room that might otherwise go unused can be listed for a much cheaper price than it originally went for. This fills a room that might have otherwise gone unused for the hotel and finds a wider audience with a different cost range than the original price.

Information Accessibility

Being able to look into your vacation location and things to do in the area has revolutionized the travel industry for those who might have otherwise been concerned over comfortability. Whether it’s reading reviews, purchasing tickets ahead of time, or simply easier access to the area, the accessibility to information regarding your vacation makes it easy to plan every last detail before you even set foot in the city.

Vacation Homes

The vacation home industry has revolutionized the vacation industry by offering a way for return travelers to come back again and again. Vacation homes allow a more accessible means to those looking for more affordable accommodations. Many choose to purchase a vacation home. Others can benefit through rental systems set up by many owners and vacation home properties.
Like many industries, the travel industry has benefitted from the advancements in technology through a variety of ways. For the first time, the ability to go on much needed has become easier for anyone no matter the budget, comfort zone, or vacation destination with the help of businesses like Quality Marketing Group.

What’s Working at F.H. Cann & Associates Like?

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If you find it tough to go to work, or you’re itching for a change, it turns out, you’re not alone. A recent study shows that 69% of people feel trapped by their routine, and only 3 out of 10 people are happy with their lives. A career shift could be life changing, if you’re unhappy with your situation. One company is getting attention for its success and growth, and many people are thinking about applying to work there. F.H. Cann & Associates has been an industry leader in account receivables management solutions for two decades. The company has several hundred employees, and in their most recent example of expansion and growth, the company have hired 100 new team members to its North Andover, Massachusetts Office. With all of this in mind, you may be wondering what it’s like to work at F. H. Cann & Associates.

About F. H. Cann & Associates

F. H. Cann & Associates is an industry leader when it comes to taking on some of the most challenging accounts receivables management issues. They work with clients across a wide range of industries, including education, government, financial institutions, commercial, and medical. The company has been expanding for the past two decades. It was co-founded by Sheri A. Traficante-Cann and Frank H. Cann Jr. in 1999. They each bring more than 20 years of collections experience to their company. 

The FHC Difference

Everyone who works at FHC agrees that there is one thing that makes the company stand out from the competition: it’s called The FHC Difference. This impacts every component of the organization, and leads to success with both customers, and employees. It includes five different components:

Employee Engagement

All FHC employees are highly-trained, and experts in customer satisfaction. FHC employees are the best in the business when it comes to accounts receivables management services. They are also dedicated to protecting customers information. Employees are always growing, as they are frequently trained and certified.

Customer Centric

Customers are the center of the business when it comes to FHC. FHC prides itself on coming up with individualized plans for each customer they work with, and each customer is assigned a dedicated staff, who handles their specific needs.

Compliance & Quality

FHC keeps itself in check with its Compliance & Quality Assurance team. FHC is known for far surpassing industry standards when it comes to quality.

Technology & Infrastructure

FHC is capable of warding off cyber-security threats. FHC uses the best industry practices to protect customer data. FHC’s information security program has been audited and certified by many global and federal organizations.

Social Responsibility

FHC is committed to positively impacting its community and works to positively impact social responsibility. FHC is involved with a number of organizations including the Pulmonary Hypertension Association, Professional Woman of the Collections and Call Center Industries, and Veterans Assisting Veterans.

What is it like to work at FHC?

Employees find that working at F.H. Cann & Associates gives them the chance to be a part of a successful and growing company. There is room for growth within the organization, and FHC is known for hiring from within when it comes to new vacancies. This is great for employees who are looking to grow within the organization. FHC employees also find that they enjoy great benefits, and competitive wages, and that the founders of FHC are mindful of their happiness and goals. FHC employees are highly trained, and experts in their field. As the company expands, it’s no wonder many people are applying to work at FHC.

Medicines that can cause fatigue and drowsiness

Did you know that drowsy driving is quickly becoming an epidemic? With over 72,000 collisions each year, the risks of driving under the influence of medications are severe. So, what can you do to keep yourself needing a DUI attorney? (Yes, medication can lead to a DUI.)

The easiest way is to know which of your medications can cause drowsiness, but it isn’t always that simple. Over-the-counter medications for the cold and flu are often the culprit. Here are some ingredients and name-brand medicines to keep an eye out for.


Diphenhydramine, or Benadryl, is common cause for accidents. This allergy medication can cause severe drowsiness while fighting off the symptoms of allergies, making it a dangerous drug for drivers. The best thing you can do is look for the non-drowsy variety for daytime use. 


ChlorTimetron is the brand name for Chlorphenamine, another allergy medication. This one comes with a sedative side effect while fighting off hives, sneezing, and general sniffles. The sedative is used to stop the part of the brain that produces hives, but can also impact your ability to stay alert while driving. You could try switching to a topical cream in order to avoid this one. 

Robitussin and Mucinex: DM Variety

If you see DM after a cold or congestion medicine, it means it contains Dextromethorphan. This medication is an incredible cough suppressant, but can induce sleep within a matter of minutes. Even with all of the simulation of the day (sunlight, car horns, etc.), you might still find yourself falling asleep behind the wheel. Stick with nighttime use for DM medications. 


Nyquil contains Doxylamine, which happens to be an antihistamine. Like Chlorphenamine, it creates a sedative effect that helps those with the cold or flu fall asleep. Nyquil combines Doxylamine with Dextromethorpan, making it a powerful sleep agent recommended for nighttime use only. 


Known for helping with diarrhea, Imodium is based off of Loperamide. While it can help your digestive tract, it also causes drowsiness in most people. If you happen to be one of them, then make sure you take this medication on a day when you don’t expect to drive. 

Drowsy Driving Indicators

The medications above are just some of the major players in drowsy driving accidents. With so many on the market, you also need to know what indicators to look for no matter what medicine you choose to take. Before you cause an accident and need a skilled attorney, like the ones at Bowling Law, keep the following indicators in mind:

  • Blurred vision
  • Inability to visually focus on other cars
  • Your mind or thoughts begin to drift
  • Hitting the rumble strips
  • Crossing the center line
  • Inability to pay attention
  • Forgetting large portions of your drive

If you experience one or any of these signs, you’re at risk of causing an accident. It’s best to pull over and call for help. You can keep this from happening by speaking with your pharmacist about which substances cause drowsiness and what medications might interact with one another. 

How to Choose the Best All Natural Face Cleanser for Your Skin

Choosing the perfect all-natural face cleanser

Have you ever had an experience like this? You have dry skin, so you buy a facial cleanser that claims to be for your skin type. You use it diligently as instructed on the label – but your dry skin just keeps getting worse! What is going on?

It may be that you haven’t looked closely enough at the ingredients in the product. Just because the label says it’s good for you doesn’t mean it is. For example, lots of skincare products contain alcohol – which dries and dehydrates skin!

So, how do you find a facial cleanser that will both clean and nourish your skin without damaging it in the long term?

Not too weak, not too harsh

Just like Goldilocks choosing porridge, finding the right facial cleanser is a quest for ‘just right’. If the cleanser is too gentle, it won’t remove enough dirt and excess oil. But if it’s overly harsh and gives you that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling, then it’s stripping away too much of your natural oils, leaving your skin exposed.

Use a washer

Everyone’s skin is unique and you may find it difficult to find a cleanser that works for you. Remember that you can always combine a very mild cleanser with a washcloth or face brush. This will help you get a deep clean without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Start checking the ingredients

Remember that the label on products is primarily a marketing tool, not a source of reliable information. Plenty of products advertised for dry skin contain alcohol and lots of cleansers “for sensitive skin” are packed with artificial fragrances.

The back of the label doesn’t lie though! Turn products over and see what they really contain before buying.

Learn what to avoid

Reading the ingredients won’t help much if you don’t know what to look for and what to avoid. Do some research on your phone while you shop or check out online guides like this one.

One of the most important things to look out for is sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). This is the ingredient that gives many cleansers their foam and it makes your skin feel squeaky clean. The problem is SLS is actually corrosive to your skin and has been linked with serious health problems.

Understand your skin type

You need to understand your skin type before you can choose the right skincare products. Here are our tips for the most common skin types:

Tips for dry skin

For dry skin, gel cleaners or star ingredients like witch hazel and willow bark might be too strong and only dry it out more.

You want to opt for an all-natural facial cleanser that will remove dirt while moisturising and nourishing your skin. Look for ingredients like aloe and coconut oil, and stick to all-natural skincare companies like Okana Skincare.

Tips for oily skin

If your skin is oily, you want to avoid anything that will clog your pores – so avoid creamy cleanser or cleansers with added oils. Look for a natural facial cleanser that contains healthy acids to cut through excess oils and keep your acid mantle in balance.

Normal and combination skin

Most people’s skin is somewhere in the middle, either normal balanced skin or skin featuring oily areas. If your skin is like this, be sure to choose a pH-balanced cleanser that won’t throw your acid mantle off-kilter. Other than that, just avoid harmful chemicals and you should be okay.

Experiment and track results

Once you’ve found a cleanser that looks right for you on paper, it’s time to test it out. Start using the cleanser and pay attention to the results.

Ask questions like:

  • Is this drying out my skin?
  • Am I getting a deep clean?
  • Does my skin look better since I started using this cleanser?
  • Am I happy to include a washer in my routine?

This will help you decide if this is the right cleanser for you. If it works, great! If you’re still having issues try a new product or talk to a dermatologist to find out what will be best for you.

New Cell Phone Providers Have Changed the Status Quo

Cell phones have come a long, long way in our lives. There was once a time where they looked like actual bricks, possessing very little in the way of functionality. Not only that, the limited access and high costs meant that only the most financially well off could have them.

Fast forward 30 years and now nearly 60 percent of the globe owns at least one cell phone. That 60 percent number might not sound too large until you consider that it equates to about 5.5 billion (with a B) people. That’s quite the expansion.

Of course, over that same time period, there has been something of a divide among members of society. Arguments about just how safe or good cell phones are have emerged. On the other side of the same coin, there is indisputable evidence that cell phones have been able to make our lives easier and more convenient than ever.

Affordable Carriers

One thing that has also changed over that time period is the affordability of owning a cell phone. They are definitely expensive to buy outright – the new iPhones can run upwards of a thousand dollars – but alternative carriers to the major brands like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc. has made it more affordable than ever to get one.

Check out H2O Wireless or any Mint Mobile review and you will find that not only are the rates more affordable for these kinds of plans, but they provide the same level of quality as well. Getting the latest and greatest in cell phone technology is also now reaching a broader spectrum of people because of those alternative carriers.

Thankfully, the emergence of these alternative carriers has led to a reform in the pricing of the major carriers as well. Instead of holding a monopoly on cell phone plans and charging an arm and a leg, the major providers are having to deliver value in new ways. This means offering discounted packages, free phones, and a litany of other perks to sign up with them.

To say the game has changed when it comes to cell phones would be putting it lightly. The evolution in technology alone is enough to really make you stop and think. But when we also consider the affordability and availability of cell phones, it seems a little crazy. After all, they provide us with so many tools and access to so many different things that even 20 years ago would have felt impossible.

The game has changed when it comes to cell phone providers and it has changed for the better.

Oren Frank’s Impressive Talkspace Reviews Have Led To 50 Million in Funding

Talkspace is a unique platform that was launched by Oren Frank back in 2012 to help more people gain access to therapy who truly need it. Not only does the platform allow for communication on the go through the internet, but it is more affordable compared to traditional in-home or in-office therapy sessions. Earlier this year, Talkspace was privileged with more than 50 million dollars in new funding in Series D. People from around the country have shown a great need for therapy sessions in all different manners, and Talkspace’s innovative spin on the industry is proving to be worthwhile with many great Talkspace reviews flooding the internet.

To date, Oren Frank’s company has accumulated more than five thousand professionals in healthcare to help assist patients and their needs. There are also specialty packages for specific audiences, such as couples or young teens, but for most, there is one subscription fee to pay to use the service with unlimited access.

All of this has been possible thanks to receiving more than 110 million dollars in funding over the past seven years. All the while the company has continued to accelerate its growth and form new relationships, including its recent partnership with Optum Health in May. This partnership, in particular, is important because it has expanded the company’s reach to more than five million consumers.

What Makes Talkspace Important

In 2011 alone, there were roughly 46 million people around the United States dealing with some kind of mental health issues, but less than 40 percent of people were getting any kind of treatment for it. A big reason for this is the stigma that has revolved around mental health, and it wasn’t until recent decades that people began taking mental health more seriously.

Another problem facing people in need of therapy is the cost, which can be quite expensive and more than what many people can afford. To make things worse, its typically time consuming to build a schedule and spends several hours or more per week going to the same office.

Oren Frank’s mission is to break through these barriers that have been keeping many people from getting the help that they deserve just as much as anyone else. A simple app that allows people to connect to licensed therapists on a time frame that suits them and can also fit into their budget.

Talkspace Reviews And How It Works

Oren Frank’s app makes it simple to get started with rates as low as 65 dollars per week. After paying a subscription to join up, patients will be able to take an assessment to specify their needs, which will help match them with the right healthcare professional. More than 5,000 professionals have joined the pool and they will find the best match they can to meet each person’s needs so they can begin their therapy sessions.

Once a patient is all sorted on their therapist, they will be able to maintain a relationship with the same therapist for as long as they need to, which usually helps people build comfortability. Rather than having a scheduled time every day, its all up to the patient to write to their therapist, whenever they need to, about anything they want. Messages are limitless and therapists will likely respond several times per day or even offer video chatting for more time.

Positive feedback and Talkspace reviews have been rolling around for years from the likes of The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, CCN, Glamour, and tens of thousands of satisfied patients. These positive reviews are the perfect way for people to spread the word and get mobile therapy and mental health into the hands of everyone who needs it.

How to Completely Train Your Dog with BarxBuddy

Training a dog in the right way can be an expensive endeavor. Most people feel like they need a professional to take care of everything, but it can become pretty costly if there are any complications. Not only that, but some dogs have problems learning from one human, and then trying to learn from another at home.

For those people who are worried about spending too much money, BarxBuddy is one of the best solutions out there. For well under $100, a person can train their dog the right way, instead of using practices that are not beneficial and even harmful.

How exactly is it so beneficial? The company keeps everything very simple, and that benefits the dog and the owner.

Initial learning curve

There is always a little bit of a learning curve when trying a new training technique with a dog. Not only does the dog need to get familiar with the new device, but the human needs to know how to use it properly. The good news about BarxBuddy is that it’s very easy to use, and most people feel comfortable with it in under an hour.

There are just a few ways to properly use BarxBuddy, and dogs react to the way it works very well. It provides a sound that is undetectable by humans, and it will make them stop whenever they are doing something that they shouldn’t be doing.

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Harmless to dogs

Since it’s a simple sound that is played, BarxBuddy is completely harmless to dogs, and owners for that matter. While the sound is annoying enough for dogs to stop what they are doing, it’s not putting them in any danger. Their ears are perfectly fine, and there are no chemicals or physical contact whatsoever.

A picture containing electronics

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The method used by BarxBuddy is used quite a bit by professional training services as well. It’s a big reason why it has taken off.

Visual learning as well

A lot of the focus is on learning by sound, but there is also a bright LED light at the end of every device. This light is very helpful for people who like to take walks with their dog at night. For starters, it illuminates the surrounding area, so a person never feels like they are in a scary place. It also can help stimulate dogs visually if they are having trouble with the sound.

What if it doesn’t work?

As is the case with any type of device out there, some people might be afraid at first that BarxBuddy might not work. While the majority of dogs will respond and learn from BarxBuddy, there is also the assurance that the company provides a money-back guarantee on all orders from BarxBuddy.com.
If a better training solution is found, there is no shame in using that. BarxBuddy believes they offer the most economical solution that works on the market right now. At the very least, it’s worthy of a try if other things are not working with the dog. You might want to connect with BarxBuddy on Twitter and Facebook to see more dog training success stories or visit their website at https://barxbuddy.com/.

Interlight Shares: How to Choose the Right Lightbulb for Every Room in Your Home

With so many light options these days, it will be pretty difficult to figure out exactly what needs to be done for each room. Fortunately, there are experts in this category, including those at the website enter light.

They shared with us steps every person should take so that they are making the right decisions. This will not only save a person time and money, but it will make a home look as good as ever.

Understand the role of each room

Each room needs a different type of lighting, based on its main use. Nothing is set in stone, but the right lighting makes a big difference.

Ambient lighting

The first step is to always understand what the goal is for each room out there. Some rooms are meant to have ambient lighting that fills up the entire room. It provides natural light and the right amount of uniqueness. A chandelier is one example, while others will use track lighting, pendant lights and more.

Work lighting

There are certain rooms in every home that need the right amount of lighting to see all the details. Some people need it for reading. Some just believe that it helps them focus a little bit more on what they are doing.

Work lighting is usually pretty close by, so it doesn’t need to travel that far to fill up the area. It’s also not on all the time, so having ambient light in the same room works best.

Accent lights

These lights are perfect to highlight specific areas in a room. Some people do this to showcase their artwork, while others just want to make everything look a little more unique.

The wattage for accent lights is pretty low, so don’t worry too much about that. Everything mostly falls into place when a person examines exactly what they want.

What makes the most sense for each room?

Living room

Living room setups need ambient lighting. It might also help to add an accent light or two to make the room unique.


Ambient lighting above helps, but there needs to be plenty of light on the counter. There are a lot of specific lights in the kitchen that can be very useful.


Bedrooms are usually filled with a combination of lights. There are going to be specific areas for work lighting, but ambient light needs to be there as well.

Those people who struggle with sleep should keep in mind that all lights need pointed away from the bed if possible. This helps to create darkness when it is most needed.


The bathroom is usually filled with quite a bit of work lighting. There might be one ambient light overhead but focus everything else on paying attention to detail.

Most people in the bathroom want to make sure that they can brush their teeth correctly, put on makeup correctly and more. The only way to do that is to have specific work lighting.

Finding the bulbs that work

At Interlight, they categorize everything for quick shopping. No matter what type of specific lighting is needed, there are plenty of bulb options for those lights. 

Visit their website at https://www.interlightus.com/ and don’t be afraid to shop around and find the perfect fit stylistically, and in the right price range. Great lighting in the home can make a huge difference. 

What do you need to do become a personal trainer?

Personal training is a big business and is worth billions upon billions of dollars. It’s a continually evolving field and is one that offers a range of potential career opportunities for people who are keen to become personal trainers. Personal training is a flexible occupation and quickly allows people to get working as trainers with a high school leaving qualification and as well as an accredited personal training certification. However, advanced personal training qualifications, experience and an additional training in related fields – such as kettlebell and bootcamp training – can better position trainers for career success.

Deciding to become a personal trainer is a fantastic career choice for you if you love fitness and assisting others in order to achieve their goals. As an enthusiast about fitness, you’ve probably previously done unofficial personal training in the past. However, there are other steps that you need to take in order to become certified as a personal trainer, find a job, or set up your independent personal training business. 

If you decide that you want to become a personal trainer, there are a number things that is necessary for you to look out for when choosing a personal training course which is right for you.

Number One: A Scientific Foundation

The personal training course which you make the decision to study must furnish you with a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology as well as biomechanics because – as a personal trainer – you’ll be training a wide variety of people. Some of them will have a number of challenges such as osteoporosis, certain disabilities and/or chronic diseases. This necessitates that you modify the typical exercise protocol for them. To ensure that you do this correctly, you’ll require a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of the body and you’ll need to learn on your personal training course.

Number Two: An Outstanding Reputation in Education

In addition, another thing that will set personal training colleges apart from the rest is a good reputation in the fitness education industry. The best colleges will be backed by recognised institutions such as health councils and fitness regulatory bodies. This shows that these bodies have endorsed the information that the course presents. The stamp of approval shows that what you’ll be learning is accurate and will make you into the finest personal trainer you can be.

Number Three: Industry standards

If would-be employers of personal trainers – such as a gym chains or stand-along health clubs – say that they favour candidates to possess a personal training certification or diploma from a specific institution, this is a good sign that the qualification is worth its salt as if employers favour these graduates – as opposed to any others – they trust that these personal trainer have been trained at a superior level. Thus, they will be more inclined to trust their clients with these people as opposed to other personal trainers.

Number Four: Qualifications in a Number of Related Disciplines

The profession of personal training is about so much more than just assisting a client with getting fit. Often, a personal trainer will turn into their client’s career, relationship or life coach as well owing to the fact that the client will tell him or her what is on their mind. 

As such, the personal trainer will need to offer appropriate advice that will help the client to deal with what they’re dealing with. A personal training qualification from a college that  offers complementary qualifications – such as life coaching – will give you the opportunity to learn about disciplines that will add positively to a personal training business and clients.

To enjoy untold success as a personal trainer, it is necessary for you to have an exceptional qualification. Follow the guidelines that we’ve outlined above if and when you decide that personal training is the career you want to go for. You’ll set in a career that you can be proud of.