Erkan Kemiksizgil is a leading figure in the field of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. With a focus on direct response marketing as well as digital currency, Emil’s extensive background in digital marketing and entrepreneurship make him a credible thought leader in this field. 

After seeing his recent interview on where he talked about how he achieved personal success and longevity in the tough industry of digital marketing, we sat down with him to pick his brain on the best digital marketing tips new marketers can follow to succeed in this business. Here are his insights. 

5 Tips for Digital Marketing Newbies Need to Survive and Thrive 

There are thousands of articles and tips for digital marketing, but we have tried to boil it down to the 5 most important.

Know what your audience wants 

Knowing your audience and what it wants is perhaps one of the most important secrets for marketing success. The current trend is customer centricity, which means putting the needs of customers at the forefront of decision-making. You can’t have an effective consumer-centric approach if you don’t know who your consumer is. Research into the motivations of your target demographic is crucial if you want to craft an effective marketing campaign. Once you have this data you can know what attracts and motivates potential customers and you can tailor your campaign according to these elements. 

Know your business goals 

Knowing what your short- and long-term goals are can help you pinpoint the most suitable marketing campaign for your brand. With so many types of digital marketing strategies available to small and big businesses, picking one that is best suited for your business can be tricky. Not every marketing strategy can give you the results you want. Do you want an increase in personalized engagement? Influencer marketing can help you increase your organic traffic. Dealing with budget constraints but still want a more personalized approach to reaching potential consumers? Email marketing can be a good option. 

Take advantage of snack ads 

Snack ads are videos that are less than 10 seconds long that can be posted in most social media platforms. Video is an effective marketing vehicle because it is versatile and carries the possibility of going viral, especially if your content is interesting enough. Short, 10-second ads are perfectly designed to appeal to the short attention spans of most online users. Designed to attract attention quickly, snack ads are most effective when they contain easy-to-consume information about your brand. 

Test and evaluate 

No matter what campaign you are running, it is important to have a comprehensive plan in place that starts with knowing your audience and ends with proper evaluation. Doing the latter ensures that you can tweak and improve your digital marketing strategies over time to maximize your marketing results. 

Focus on mobile marketing  

A majority of online users access the Internet through their mobile phones. This is the reason why 79% of ads are displayed on smartphones. It is important to have a mobile marketing strategy in place especially if you know that your target demographic accesses the Internet using mobile devices. 
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