Your bedroom should be a retreat where you can escape from the daily grind. Regardless of whether you live in a mansion or a smaller abode, it should be a sleep sanctuary. 

This piece looks into ways you can apply functional finishing touches to your master bedroom, to make it a masterpiece. We’ll explore practical tips and share ideas to ensure it’s a dreamy space to recharge.

Furniture and Finery 

Your bedroom furniture and finery should all work towards inducing sleep. Create a strong mental connection between your bedroom, your bed, and sleep.

The Bed 

Your bed is the main feature and should be comfortable with a quality mattress. Sleep experts also state that your bed should be used exclusively for sleeping and sex. 

Do some research before you buy yours and look at guidelines from the best mattress for sex article from It’ll help you find a suitable sleeping surface that also suits your needs under the covers. 

Replace your pillows and duvets or bed covers before they’re completely worn out. Your mattress should ideally be replaced every ten years, but listen to your body and upgrade before being uncomfortable or in pain. 

Paint Colours

To promote tranquillity and a feeling of calmness in the bedroom, opt for shades of blue. If that’s not your preference, keep it neutral. It’ll help you relax and support the optimal sleeping environment, namely cool, dark, and quiet. 

Dim the Lights

While your room temperature should be cool, the shade of lighting should be warm and soft. Bedroom light shouldn’t be bright.

Install some dimmers on your overhead lights and add finishing touches with decorative lamps on the nightstands. 


Keep your bedroom cozy and comfortable, but avoid clutter. If your bedroom is too messy, you won’t be able to settle down. A tidy bedroom exudes a feeling of serenity. 

Keep it Neat 

Ensure that clothes, shoes, and bags can be neatly stored away. Make your bed every morning. 

Experts reckon it’s not only a good habit that can affect your mood for the rest of the day. It also ensures you’ll return in the evening to a neatly sleep ready environment. 

Linen Love 

Ensure that your bed linen is snug but breathable for maximum sleep comfort. Opt for fabrics like cotton that won’t leave you waking up too hot or too cold. 

Change your bedding at least once a week. Nothing beats the feeling of falling asleep in a comfortable bed with freshly laundered sheets and pillowcases. 

Clean Up 

A clean bedroom promotes healthier sleep. We spend several hours each night there, so dust and vacuum your bedroom regularly.

This is especially important if you suffer from allergies or have a pet in the house that may share your bed. 

Celebrate Your Style 

While all the practical matters of your master bedroom are essential, it should also suit your style. Creating a stylish showpiece is as easy as looking up the latest bedroom decor trends.

Once you’ve reviewed what’s fashionable, you can adjust it to suit your preferences and refine it to make it your own. 


Headboards are great additions to frame your bed as the centerpiece in the room. You can also consider other options to hang above your bed.

Ornate mirrors or a beautiful piece of fabric will make an alluring focal point. You could also create ambiance with overhead bedside lights or creatively use a curtain or piece of cloth. 

All Arty  

When selecting art for your bedroom, one statement piece is ideal. Find something that makes a peaceful declaration, and you love to see every day as you wake up and go to sleep.

You could also consider a sculpture as a centerpiece that will artfully enhance the whole room’s composition.  


Plants can add a healthy dose of color plus benefit your sleeping environment. It not only brings the outdoors in but adds a living touch to your decorative efforts. 

Indoor greenery adds more value by purifying the air too. Research options like snake plants, ferns, or add a few exquisite orchids.  

Orchids are available in many varieties and colors which makes these exquisite beauties popular in bedrooms. They’re more active during the evening when they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen to improve the air quality in your bedroom at night. 

Final Thoughts 

Add finishing touches to your bedroom by combining functional and fashionable items that suit your unique style and needs.

Opt for quality furniture and keep it uncluttered and tidy. This will promote restful sleep and minimize messiness. 

Your master bedroom can become a masterpiece when you add your personal touch to it. Decorate it with art, greenery, and other beautiful items you love to see every day as the ultimate finishing touch.