How Thoughtful Brands Ensures Their CBD Products are Top Quality

CBD products have been the rave for quite some time now. Their popularity has grown widely that they now have several applications. This was further helped with breakthrough legislations in several states permitting the use of cannabis for a number of purposes.

Nevertheless, the trend does not seem to be abating as such applications continue to grow. From health and medicine to body care and cosmetics, CBD products continue to grow in usage.

The forms in which they exist are also expanding. First, what we had were CBD oils, but they’ve gone far beyond that. We now have CBD products in the form of sprays, creams, capsules and surprisingly even flowers.

CBD Products and Quality

The popularity of these products has created an entire industry with several participants flocking to get a share of the “pie.” Some of these claims to come with more “innovative” health and cosmetics solutions using CBD as a core component.

However, as has been discovered overtime, not all of these are quality. In fact, it appears that the amount of non-quality brands is fast outpacing those of credible and trusted ones. This is having its toll on general product quality. As we would expect, non-quality brands cannot make quality products, and vice-versa.

However, this does not translate to the fact that there are no quality brands out there anymore. There are, and in fact one of them is Thoughtful Brands.

Thoughtful Brands is a Canadian pharmaceutical company. The company focuses on natural health and CBD products with applications across pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical cosmetics.

They are responsible for the leading hemp-CBD products, Sativida and Nature’s Exclusive. They operate on an e-commerce model, therefore controlling logistics and the value chain.

The company is undergoing a rebranding comprehensive expansion program, via North and South America, while setting its sights on Europe.

In all of these, Thoughtful Brands ensures its products are top-quality. It does this in various ways.

  1. Partnership with Leading Brands

In its bid to release only the best products to its customers, Thoughtful Brands has entered into partnership agreements with credible organizations to team up on various areas including product development and quality assurance. These organizations include fellow pharmaceutical companies, regulators, research institutions and institutional investors.

2. Top-notch Regulatory Approval

As Thoughtful Brands expands its product reach across geographies and continents, it has had to work with several regulators which put its products through thorough tests before approval. Everywhere, Thoughtful Brands’ products have gotten big regulatory support.

3. Research

One of the ways through which Thoughtful Brands maintains its market leadership is via research. The company is very active on the research scene, prospecting for ways to create better products, but importantly, those that boast higher quality.

The research drive of Thoughtful Brands also has elements of quality partnerships in them as the research works are mostly carried out in conjunction with highly reputable research institutions.

Maybe you don’t believe in the brand’s quality yet. However, be informed that it is a public company listed on the Canadian stock market. A young company doesn’t really get more credibility than that.

This is because amongst others, they are accountable to their investors for business performance and activities, and above all, product quality. More importantly, they are accountable to the government and other regulators.


CBD has created top breakthroughs in health and wellness. However, not all CBD brands are top-quality. One of the high-quality ones is Thoughtful Brands. Through research, regulatory and other institutional partnerships, these brand has been able to establish the superior quality of its products.

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