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Over the course of 90 days, you can do a myriad of things. There are some that might train for a triathlon while others might just want to lose some weight. Setting a goal of 90 days can be an advantage as a goal that is too far away can be tough to maintain motivation for. You can even reassess your goals every 30 days if you are under or overperforming. The importance of being honest about your health as it is cannot be understated. Consult a Mathews primary care doctor or one in your area before making any wild lifestyle changes. The following are things that you can do to get far healthier over the next 90 days. 

Try a 30-Day Diet Challenge to Start 

30-day diet challenges are about results and discipline simultaneously. There are so many challenges available online that this can be the perfect way to jumpstart your new way of eating. The challenge might be something you want to continue doing for the entire 90 days. Make sure that the diet that you choose aligns with the goals that you have for this time period. 

Quit Smoking and Drinking

Quitting smoking will be good for your lungs, blood pressure, and skin. This can be tough but there are more than enough guides online that can allow you to taper. Quitting drinking if you regularly drink to excess can be great for weight loss, sleep, and overall mental health. You would be surprised as to how much time people spend hungover or drinking. Staying sober for this period might find you more productive than you have ever been. 

Exercise Daily 

The importance of daily exercise when trying to optimize your health is apparent. You do not want to do too much too quickly as injuring yourself will likely lead you to fail most of your goals for these 90 days. A variety of exercise forms should be done as you do not want to have issues with tendonitis or shin splints. Swimming can be an amazing way to get your heart rate pumping while giving you an anaerobic workout. Doing something fun as a form of exercise like playing basketball can allow you to burn calories without noticing. 

Meditate Daily 

Meditation daily can be important in managing stress along with exercise. Finding a quiet place with spouses working remotely and kids learning virtually might be the biggest challenge.  You would be surprised as to the differences that you feel from just 20 to 30 minutes per day. Getting in a better state of mental health is just as important as physical health. Your mental health can actually prohibit you from staying active if not managed which can lead to an isolated and sedentary lifestyle. Follow guided meditations online if you are unsure how to start as these can be very helpful.

In the next 90 days, you can become far healthier if this is your main focus. There are other aspects of your life but getting your health in check should be a priority.