Finding the best solution for autism is as individual as the person affected. When it comes to finding autism treatment in Miami, everyone will need to take the time to research what’s available and find the best strategy for their unique situation. Working with professionals, including treatment providers and professional agencies alike, will ensure that you get started on the right path the first time. 

Watch Out for Unproven and Ineffective Treatments

First and foremost, you will want to review the latest reputable, scientific information about specific autism therapies and treatments, and specifically those that don’t work or that haven’t been studied appropriately as of yet. One of those therapies that have yet to be fully investigated is the use of cannabis (marijuana) in autism treatment or therapy. 

While there is limited research and information out there about the use of cannabis for ASD (autism spectrum disorder), most of it is also poorly gathered and does not follow reliable scientific methods. Some studies cite the use of animals for research, but the results on human subjects may not always translate. The other issue is that many studies did not conduct double-blind or randomized trials with controlled placebos. Some studies were as simple as parents reporting on the outcome with no accurate or reliable measurement to use in tracking the results of the treatment. 

Yes, Cannabis is Effective for Epilepsy… Sometimes

The one area of comorbidity where people might see someone with ASD using cannabis therapy is if they also have an epilepsy disorder that responds well to the drug. This is in no way related to the ASD diagnosis or therapy, however, and that needs to be made abundantly clear. People need to understand that distinction. There are also only certain forms of epilepsy and types of seizures that respond to this treatment, so it may not even be effective in all seizure disorders or incidents. 

The bottom line is that you cannot correlate the two at present (cannabis use for other conditions and its effects on ASD) because there’s simply not enough scientific research and proven information. 

The Dangers for Children with ASD

Not only are there potential dangers associated with the use of cannabis for conditions that have not yet been tested and approved, but there are even more potential dangers for children and young adults with autism, as their nervous systems are still being developed. The long-term effects (or any effects) on the brain and central nervous system in children as a result of the use of cannabis has not been studied by credible sources. 

Professionals and industry experts advise immediate research in this field to determine whether there may be a medical benefit to the use of marijuana or cannabis products for symptoms of autism. This should not be on your list of options when you are looking into autism treatment Miami providers offer. Find a provider that offers science-based support and a customized therapy plan that suits the individual needs of your child or loved one.