As a dog owner, there is a pretty good possibility you will want to take your furry friend with you on a car ride sooner or later. Besides the fact that you have to train him for the experience, you also want to be sure he will be safe during the entire duration of the trip. This is why, especially for long drives, you need to use appropriate equipment.

Below we will talk about some very simple and effective ways to transport your dog. Make your final choice based on what is most suitable.

Car Backseat Dog Crate

This is one of the best ways to make sure your canine friend is safe at all times. You need it when you make longer spots and you travel with others that are not familiar with the pet. Also, if you travel with people that are uncomfortable with dog fur, pets need to stay inside crates.

Using a dog crate for transportation keeps your vehicle clean and your dog safe. It is particularly recommended for active dogs. Choose a crate that is suitable based on the size of the dog.

SUV Dog Crates

Do you want to hop in your family SUV with all family members and your loving dog? In this case, it is a very good idea to use dog crates designed for SUV use. This is especially the case when you want to transport a larger dog in a sports utility vehicle.

Many SUV dog crates are shaped in a way that will perfectly fit the back area of SUVs. This usually includes one slanted side and it is common to see an included emergency escape hatch.

Booster Seats

Booster seats were initially introduced for young children who cannot sit by themselves. They are also great when adult seat belts cannot be used. If you have one, do not throw it away since it can also be great when it comes to keeping dogs safe.

Choose a booster seat that includes as many safety features as possible so that your dog will be kept safe during the trip.

Dog Leash

This is not often recommended but when you do not have anything, a dog leash is just better than nothing. It can help keep the dog in a restricted part of the vehicle so that he does not take his head out. When you travel inside a car, there are no rules or regulations about use. What is very important is to make sure the dog is comfortable.

Dog Harness

The reason why the dog leash is not recommended is that it is put around the neck of your companion. This is why it is just a whole lot better to use something like a harness. It will make it so much easier to control your dog when you travel inside a car.

The dog harness lets you easily control the pet when you stop to get refreshments. You can also attach a seatbelt to it and it is a much more humane restraint option than the dog leash. Also, it drastically reduces the possibility of suffocating the dog, which is a huge risk with leashes.