It is important to achieve a sense of calm as it offers the necessary resilience and strength to deal with the rigors of day to day life, whether it is health, finance, a relationship gone wrong or traveling (if that’s the case, consider alternative methods and stay informed: can you take cbd oil on a plane UK).

Research has suggested that cultivating a relaxed state of mind does not mean you give up on all your responsibilities, instead adopting these few strategies when you are anxious or angry can help you to calm yourself in tricky situations.

Breathe deeply

When a person becomes angry or anxious the breathing tends to become quick and shallow. This automatically sends a message to the brain which reinforces your fight response. In order to disrupt this process, it is essential to take long and deep breaths to help calm down. There are various techniques for breathing and it is best to practice one which suits your style when normal so as to implement it when needed. Find a space where you won’t get disturbed and just remain focused on your breathing and do not let your mind wander here or there.

Talk to your best friend

Speaking with someone you trust the most can help instill an influx of new helpful ideas to manage your stress. Gaining social support will relax your mind as you unburden your problems by sharing them with your best friend. Maintaining a good circle of supportive friends is therefore of primary importance. Once you are out of the rumination rut, not only will you feel relaxed but you will be able to think clearly as well. Also, remember it goes both ways – always show your care and support to your loved ones in various ways (for e.g. if you have a friend or a relative who has cancer, why not surprise them with a cancer care gift?).

Use CBD oil

Several studies have pointed towards the benefits of CBD oil as a treatment for anxiety and insomnia as well. There are many products available in the market but choosing the one with safety, quality and transparency is important. It is easy to find quality CBD oil for sale that doesn’t cost too much either. Orally administered CBD oil in the form of edibles, oils or capsules can begin working in 30 minutes to 2 hours for the best effect. However, since the oil is not regulated by the FDA, the dosage and quality can vary widely between products and makers. If this type of approach works for you, you can reach out to a psychiatrist for IV ketamine treatments. This is one of the most promising depression treatments in recent years.


If you exercise, eat a healthy meal and take a nice long nap your body will get all the restoration it needs. This doesn’t mean one should oversleep, but just sleep for exactly the time required. Prepare a ritual by not looking at the TV or any screen two to three hours before sleeping to create a sense of pre-sleep calm. Remember if you sleep anxious, there is every likelihood of getting up in the middle of the night and preventing the body from getting the rest it deserves.


Visualization or guided imagery that conjures up soothing scenes mentally can also relax and calm the body. Take a breath to clear your mind and then imagine scenes from places or experiences that you find relaxing. These images will break the chain of anxious thinking and will act like a therapeutic tool to calm the mind.