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To enter the United States, many non-immigrants consider the E2 visa when they want to be self-employed or turn their own profits. For many business owners, this is a more attractive way of working and living in the United States without having to rely on work visas, employer sponsorships, and more. 

Non-immigrants from a treaty country wishing to come to the United States would benefit from an immigration lawyer that can help them to navigate the E2 application process. An E2 visa Los Angeles-based attorney, or elsewhere in the United States, can help you to have the right documents and requirements needed to enter the United States. Learn more about the E2 visa process and work requirements here.

Self-Employed Versus Existing Business Investments for E2

When you are considering the E2 visa requirements to gain entry to work in the United States, you need to have a business to invest in. It can be your own business, or an existing business. If you aren’t sure yet how you want to do that, consider the best interests of the United States.

The United States offers this program to improve its own economy. You can get an E2 business with a self-employed operation, but it will look better for you if you invest in an existing and established company. The United States will know the outlook of an existing company more than they would your own. The United States wants you to bring your money here, and make money here.

Should You Have a Payroll Plan?

The answer is again, it isn’t an exact requirement. You will have to show any payroll expenses from your existing business. It is possible to invest in yourself with a business plan, and come to the United States and work for and by yourself.

However, the United States wants you to put money into the economy. If you have a plan that will bring jobs to the United States, your applications look more appealing.

Consult an Immigration Attorney Today

When it comes to the E2 visa process, it can get complicated. Consult with an E2 visa attorney today.