If you’re like most people, chances are there are folks within your social media or in real life spheres that have been sharing a lot of highly charged statements about the COVID vaccine. Others might be against vaccinations in general which is another ball of wax, but let’s focus on the COVID vaccine arguments.

A typical argument that you might hear has to do with the relative speed to market that the currently FDA approved vaccines received in record time. As the COVID vaccine was based on previous research from prior coronaviruses and also benefited from Operation Warp Speed in a public private partnership, this is a unique type of rollout which does not make the vaccine unsafe. 

Another standard argument has to do with the safety of the vaccine and concerns that it will get you sick. Consider this quote from Former US Assistant Surgeon General Jim Lando, MD, MPH, FACPM –

“The human body is designed so that when you get sick, it remembers the viruses that attacked you and repels them the next time. Vaccines are like teachers. COVID vaccines teach your body to be ready for the coronavirus so that you can fight it off the first time without getting sick.”

Information is power – learn more about facts about the COVID vaccine in the infographic below:

Covid Vaccine