As a pet owner, it can be terrifying when your dog starts showing signs of illness. Even if they have symptoms that seem relatively benign, something more serious can be brewing under the surface. 

If your dog is showing any symptoms that concern you or leave you wondering, “Is my dog sick?” It might be time to take them to the vet to get checked out. 

Please keep reading to find out more about common dog illnesses and when to plan a visit to the vet. 

How Do I Know if My Dog Is Sick?

Dogs are unable to communicate with us when they are feeling poorly. They can’t tell us they have an upset stomach or where it hurts; instead, they show us their actions and physical behavior. 

Many common dog illnesses have symptoms that you should not overlook. If your dog exhibits any or a few of the following signs, you should consider taking your dog to see the veterinarian. 

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea 
  • Lethargy
  • Stops eating or drinking
  • Excessive licking
  • Uncharacteristic aggression
  • And more…

Is My Dog Sick? When It’s Time to Take Dogs to the Veterinarian

So, you’ve asked the question, “Is my dog sick?” It’s now time to figure out if you should bring them to the vet.

If your dog has had a significant behavior change, it’s a good idea to take them to the vet. Your dog could be overly lethargic when they’re generally energetic or grow easily aggressive when they’ve never shown any aggression before. These signs could mean something serious, and it’s best to get them checked out. 

The physical symptoms we’ve listed above are also all significant indicators of if your dog should go to the vet. 

How to Protect Your Dog From Illness

If you can avoid it, avoid high-traffic dog areas like dog parks and dog daycares unless you know they are cleaning them properly with sanitizer. You should also make sure your dog’s kennel or crate is clean. Use this pet sanitizer or a sanitizer like it to kill bacteria and other germs that can make your dog sick.

Try to prevent your dog from sharing water bowls with other dogs. You also don’t want your dog drinking from lakes, puddles, or other water sources that can have bacteria in them. 

Dog your dog eat poop? Try to get them to stop as it can lead to illness. Keep an eye on your dog when it’s out in the backyard or on a walk. 

Take Care of Your Pets by Paying Attention to Their Symptoms

Seeing your furry companion in pain or sick is never fun, but at least now you will be better prepared if you find yourself wondering, “Is my dog sick.” It’s always better to have your pet checked out so the vet can determine if it’s something serious or not.

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