A Guide for Using CBD Products to Improve Your Pet's Health

Pets can be a huge part of our family, and we love them just as much as any human. They are loyal companions that always want to make us happy. We often spend time with them, take them on walks, feed them treats, and play games with them. But sometimes, they get sick or hurt or need medication for an injury. It is not easy to know what the best option is for pet health because there are so many options available these days! Below is some guidance on how you can use CBD products for your pet’s health needs.

1. CBD Oil

CBD oil is one of the most popular products for pets because it has no psychoactive effects on animals. It does not create a “high” like THC does, which makes using CBD safe for your pet’s health needs even if they have never tried cannabis before. There are many options available today, so you will need to talk with your veterinarian about your dog or cat’s specific needs to determine how much CBD you should give them each day (it varies depending on age, weight, and severity of the condition).

2. CBD Treats

CBD has many benefits for pets that can be found in CBD dog treats and CBD cat treats. Many of these products also include other ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and honey to make them even more effective at relieving your pet’s pain or inflammation! Check the label on any product before buying it because some brands add THC into their products which will affect animals if they have never tried marijuana before. Pets who eat THC can show signs of being disoriented or having anxiety, so always talk to your veterinarian about what is best for your animal first!

3. CBD Spray

CBD sprays are great because you can use them on your pet’s skin or even directly into their mouth. This is a less messy way of giving them the beneficial effects of CBD, and it works quickly too! If you have an animal that doesn’t like taking medicine in pill form, this could be a good option for you to consider. Make sure you read over the label before buying any product to know what ingredients are included and how much CBD it contains. It also helps if your veterinarian recommends one brand over another since they will trust those brands more than others (not all companies make high-quality products).

4. CBD Capsules and Pills

CBD capsules and pills are great for pets that need to take medicine regularly. Pills work best if you have a pet that is already used to taking medication. Still, CBD capsules can be easier since they often come in flavors like peanut butter or chicken, making it more likely your animal will take them without hesitation! You may also want to consider topical options for your dog or cat because the skin has special receptors (CB-receptors) where cannabis compounds activate something called “the endocannabinoid system,” which tells cells what to do and when. Plus, using topicals on an area of pain means you don’t have to give your pet anything orally, so there’s no chance of getting THC into their systems accidentally through treats or medications.

5. CBD Topical Products

CBD topical creams and salve-type products are great for pets with a specific part of their body that is in pain or needs help healing. These can be applied directly to the skin, where they will absorb into the cells below, so you don’t have to worry about your pet licking them off! If it’s a spot on their paw, leg, or back, this could be an easy way to relieve inflammation without having to use other types of CBD products.