If you have a dog, there are many who deem their pooches as part of the family. This means that they would want them to be with them at home where available. However, there are times when boarding your dog overnight are necessary if one is away for some days for instance. It could also be due to work commitments too.

The following rates will give an idea of how much it cost board your dog overnight:

  • $25 per day (or hour) average rate at pet hotels and board and care facilities (this can vary depending on location and type of facility)
  • $20 per night (or eight hours) at individual’s homes (again this can vary but these tend to be cheaper than board and care facilities)
  • Rates depend on the temperament of your dog. The boarder would want to know if it is aggressive or hyper so as to determine the rate.

Pet hotels, board and care facilities and private boarders are great options for boarding your dog overnight. However, you can also board your dog overnight at veterinary clinics but these tend to be pricier. Also, there are doggie daycares which board dogs during the day only. These are less costly than overnight boarding but then again they are not available 24/7.

The costs of boarding your dog overnight will generally depend on location too. For example, New York City tends to have more pricey borders compared to say Ohio where costs are lower. Your choice of boarder is also another factor that can determine the cost of boarding your dog overnight.

The boarder may ask you to provide the food your pet eats as well as toys, bedding and other items he or she requires during boarding your dog overnight. It is a good idea to bring these from home so that it will be familiar to them. If they feel comfortable, boarders are usually more accepting of dogs who have not been boarded before.

Additionally, it would help if you have a photo of your pooch just in case the boarder has not seen him or her before. In this way, there will be less stress for both parties involved since they each know what the other looks like. 

Boarding your dog overnight is not only about the boarder but the boardee as well because it gives each of them an opportunity to spend some time having fun with other boardees. However, it costs money so to decide whether boarding your dog overnight is worth it or not, you should consider its benefits against the costs involved .

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