The COVID pandemic has caused such upheaval in our economy and the current state of inflation has many of us very concerned about how we’re going to navigate all the price hikes in virtually everything we need to purchase in order to live. As we are now living in our third year of the pandemic, it’s uncertain what the future will hold, as so much depends on the behavior of the virus and subsequent effects. 

With all of this uncertainty and all the increased cost, many Americans are wondering how they will manage to come out on top. Although we can’t personally control the effects of COVID or of inflation on our lives and finances, there are some things we can do to provide a greater safety net around our bank accounts. 

One of the most stabilizing actions to take is to invest in real estate. Rental properties consistently provide a minimum of 10% ROI and, while inflation raises rent prices, mortgages remain constant, which means that real estate investors could potentially benefit from inflation. 

Currently, there are fewer houses and rental properties available than there is demand for them. The pandemic has caused a breakdown in supply chain which resulted in the need overtaking the demand. Real estate investors can take this opportunity to rent out properties that are in much higher demand than they were in the pre-pandemic market.

real estate and inflation

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