It’s important to not take proper sleep for granted, but how do you get better sleep? Having the right bedding is an important aspect to your sleep and should be taken seriously. In fact, more than $87 billion was spent worldwide on new bedding in 2021. 

When it comes to washing sheets, it seems as though more than half of Americans, especially the male population, don’t seem to do so as often as experts recommend. 24% didn’t even know that bedding, especially pillowcases and sheets, needed to be washed so regularly with almost 20% believing that showering before sleeping is enough to keep sheets clean. Nonetheless, research has shown that those who change their sheets more regularly get better quality sleep between washes. 
 If you know what you want, choosing the right bedding doesn’t have to be hard. This could mean knowing what material you want your bedding to be made of, the staple length, weave, and thread count to get what best fits your needs. Even the color can be important if you’re concerned about what best satisfies a night owl vs. a morning person or inspires the look of cleanliness. With this newfound knowledge, picking the right bedding for your sleep will be a breeze.

Guide to Sheets: The Ultimate Guide to Bedding