Time tracking tech has been utilized in recent years to help solve issues of unproductivity in companies. By monitoring where employees are spending their time, managers are able to gain insight into work processes, understand where resource demand is the highest, and track where their budget is being burned. While automated time trackers can be very useful, some applications can raise new issues.

One of the most common ways to keep track of employees’ time is with digital spreadsheets. While these are inexpensive, they can be time consuming for employees and managers alike. Some companies track time by using physical key-cards, but with more remote workers today this can be ineffective. Other time tracking tech that involves GPS or monitoring can raise privacy concerns for employees. Luckily, there is new technology that allows for employees to track their time securely and efficiently.
Time tracking with facial recognition is more secure than previous tech and uses anti-spoof detection so it cannot be faked. This technology works on multiple devices so remote workers and employees in the office can both utilize it. By using facial recognition time tracking, managers can assess where employees are spending their time in an efficient and fool-proof way. Learn more about how companies are utilizing time tracking technology in the infographic below:

How Facial Recognition makes Remote Work More Seamless and Less Distributed - TrackTime24.com
Source: TrackTime24.com