5 Pet-Proofing Tips for Storing Products Out of a Dog's Reach

Our dogs bring us happiness, dedication, and love that doesn’t matter what. But because they are interested and sometimes naughty, they can get into situations that could be dangerous for them or our things. Keeping their animal friends away from things that could hurt them is a regular problem for pet parents. You must pet-proof your home to keep your pets safe.

1. Elevate Hazardous Substances and Items

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and a mysterious ability to go places they shouldn’t. Eating things like cleaning agents and soaps could be bad for their health. To avoid damage, it is very important to keep cigars and poinsettias away from pets. To keep your dog from getting to these things, store them on high shelves or closets they can’t reach. Use locks or latches that children can’t open to make the cabinet doors more secure.

2. Secure Trash Cans

Dogs are known to be scavengers, and a trash can full of smelly things can be hard to avoid. To keep your dog from digging through the trash, buy a trash can with a secure lid or put it inside a closet with a childproof latch. This keeps your dog away from things that could hurt him, like plastic, sharp objects, and food that has gone bad. It also keeps your home clean and healthy.

3. Designate a Pet-Friendly Area

You can keep your dog from getting into other parts of your home by giving your dog a specific place. This can be very helpful when you can’t be there to watch them. Use baby gates to keep people out of rooms or spaces where dangerous items are kept. Put toys, water, and a comfy bed in their room to make it a nice place to hang out. By giving your dog a safe area, you can avoid accidents or other problems.

4. Use Storage Containers

We can pet-proof certain things in storage bins like our baby-proof homes. Dogs can’t access food, medicine, or small objects that could be eaten if stored in strong, sealed cases. People know we like chocolate and other treats, but these foods can harm our dogs. Keep your dog from mistakenly eating chocolate, candies, and other treats in locked packages out of reach. Choose carriers that don’t let air in to keep your animal friend from giving in to their sweet taste. Also, be careful where you put these containers because even a locked container won’t keep a stubborn dog out if it’s easy to get to.

5. Keep Food Out of Reach

Dogs are known for their love of food, and when they want to get their paws on something tasty, they can be very clever. Be careful where you leave food items to stop people from stealing them or “counter surfing.” Don’t leave food unsupervised on the counter; keep food in safe packages. If you always leave food on tables or shelves, you should stop. Not only will this keep your dog safe, but it will also teach them better skills.

Making your home safe for your pet is an important part of being a caring pet owner. By keeping dangerous items out of your dog’s reach, you can make your home a better place for your pet and your things. Remember that dogs use their eyes and mouths to explore the world, so the key is to be alert and look out for possible dangers. Proper storage, places safe for pets, and regular training can ensure your dog is safe and happy at home.