In 2021, the most-wanted job title in the market was ‘DevOps Engineer’. A large reason for this was the sector’s projected growth of $51 billion by 2030, a steep jump from its 2021 valuation of $7 billion. With this market growth, the demand for Mobile DevOps engineers increases. 

The rise in demand for Mobile DevOps engineers has a lot to do with the smartphone’s usage, reliance and competitive nature. With this increased demand, so does the industry’s pressure and customer expectations for faultless releases. 57% of developers attest to releasing code twice as fast as they used to and this metric used to be 35% in 2020. Today, one issue is enough to make people delete an app and continues to prompt 80% of people to delete an app.

A good Mobile DevOps tool makes a huge difference as it positively impacts the efficiency for Mobile DevOps engineers

Bitrise helps Mobile DevOps engineers with key functions such as reducing build time, increasing deployment frequency, improving app stability, and optimizing infrastructure and mobile DevOps spend. It is used by more than half of the mobile unicorn startups, and is supported on six platforms including iOS and Android.