4 Reasons Why Having Land Cleared is Beneficial to Pets

Have you ever thought to yourself “How can I make my land more livable and safe for my pets?”. Pets are a part of our families, so they deserve to have their own space that is appropriate for them to play, explore, and enjoy themselves on your property. Read on to find out four of the best reasons to clear land for your pets!

1: Safety

Pets love to have lots of space to run. In order to make that space safe, you will likely find yourself needing to clear sections of land on your property. Having an area free of obstacles and hazards for your pets to run freely is essential to their quality of life, especially for high-energy dogs and grazing livestock pets.

2: Visibility

Hand-in-hand with safety is visibility. You want to ensure you can see your pets from the windows of your home to ensure they are not getting into anything dangerous. Clearing land can help create sightlines for you to view your pets. It is also fun to watch them enjoy their days outdoors! Seeing them run and play is one of the best ways to improve your own day, especially if you work from home or are a stay-at-home parent. Watching your pets have a great time can break up the monotony of your day and relieve stress. Additionally, many animals feel safer when they can see their humans, so allowing for maximum visibility on your property will ensure they are relaxed and happy.

3: Create a Pet Playground

Your pets deserve the best, so give them a playground! Clearing land creates a large space to build shelters, agility courses, pools or ponds for water play, and lots of areas with varying terrain for dogs. If cats are your pet of choice, clearing land can give you the space to build them the cat-patio (or as some call it, a catio) of their dreams! Create an enclosed space with levels, toys, basking spots in the sun, and shady areas to cool down for your feline friends to enjoy. Creating space for a playground will add fun and enrichment to your pet’s lives and keep them from getting bored when you are not home to play with them.

4: A Grazing Space

If you are a fan of pets commonly found on a farm such as goats, sheep, llamas, or horses, it is necessary to clear space for them to graze! You will want to ensure they have plenty of acres of clear land where they can eat forage, grass, and weeds to their heart’s content. Horses especially need large, open fields! You can even create a wonderful spot to ride your horse by clearing enough land. If your property is large, you can even grow your own hay. Goats and sheep love to have space to play and live in large herds, so you will need to clear an expanse for them to enjoy with their friends!

Having cleared land will help your yard’s asethics and also provide a safer area for your pets to be.