Sebastian “Seb” Lyall managed to build an empire in London and all around the world as one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of modern time. His restaurants, like the Bunyadi that offers a naked dining experience and Breaking Bad-themed bars, have huge waiting lists. As a result, he did receive several awards and every single venture he plans is eagerly expected.

But, what few people know is that Sebastian Lyall is not just a very successful entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Logical Humanism, a fundamental framework you can use to discover yourself and who you really are. Lyall even launched a highly-accessible book, “What Are You?” in which he discuses everything he learned in a conversational way, through the story of his life.


While most people talk about Sebastian’s entrepreneurial background, it is important to understand who he is besides that. He is a member of the Koja Sheikh family, which can be found in Pakistan and India, in Punjab regions. The Koja sheikhs converted to Islam and Sufism from Hinduism and were leaders in their societies.

Sebastian grew up in a Sufi home (the side of the mother) and was highly influenced by the west and agnostic beliefs (the side of the father). His London work in tech and hospitality should have made him happy but it actually led to a life of depression and even suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, his cultural background did help in him making a change.

Logical Humanism

After hitting rock bottom, Sebastian Lyall had an awakening. This is the best way to describe what happened. He then went on to go on a journey of spiritual understanding and evolution involving countless hours of inner meditation and more. When he finished his transformation, Logical Humanism was born.

Logical Humanism is practically an initiation to the self, a framework you can use to discover your real you. Sebastian believes that you can only change when you get new data and this is the data you receive. You can change as you find yourself and transform through stillness practices, movement, and scientific conversation therapy. Logical Humanism practically prepares your brain for the transformation to follow while also offering the tools you need to actually take the steps to make the transformation in the first place.

Reaching Peace

Logical Humanism gives you access to the tools Sebastian Lyall used himself to get over incredibly dark times in his life. He does not present complex notions you cannot understand. He takes a human approach dictated by easy-to-understand concepts. You receive the data you need to reach peace and harmony.

You can start your journey with What Are You?” to understand the natural evolution of your brain as it gets new information. Then, you can move past all the negative aspects of your life through centuries-old techniques taught to you by Sebastian in a way you will fully understand the associated advantages.

If you are going through tough times, Logical Humanism might be exactly what you are looking for.