Once fees are paid and a venue secured, cages purchased, and staff hired, it’s up to the promoter to find fighters willing to fight and secure local sponsorship for his event.

An investment in high-quality production is vital to any combat promotion. It enhances viewer experience, enhances the professional image of the promotion and increases event reliability.


Promoters are those responsible for organizing fight events. Their duties include hiring fighters, setting up and taking down chairs and making sure everything runs smoothly during a fight night. In addition, they must market the event effectively in order to bring potential sponsors.

MMA events take place all around the globe, pitting different fighting styles against each other such as wrestling against boxing or kickboxing against judo. Although originally developed as a way of testing which martial art was best, MMA now stands as an international sports phenomenon with millions of fans around the globe.

Local MMA promoters typically leverage social media as an effective marketing platform for their events, using live updates, fighter interviews and behind-the-scenes footage to attract attendees and build audience interest. They may also host discussions and AMA sessions on dedicated combat sports forums in order to expand reach and credibility among their fan base. This approach helps promoters expand reach while building credibility among die-hard fans.


Local fighters are an invaluable asset when it comes to combat sports promotions. Their social media profiles and engaging content can draw in new fans, promote events, and increase engagement. Furthermore, local fighters may partner with other promotions for cross-promotion or fighter exchange opportunities to increase reach of an event’s promotion and generate greater excitement surrounding it.

Fighters who want to join top promotions strive for this status, but once there, must work tirelessly to maintain it by fighting any and everyone available – often on short notice.

Regional MMA promoters understand that to succeed in the fight business it requires patience, persistence and a thick skin. They recount horror stories of events being cancelled unexpectedly or last minute cancellations by fighters; state athletic commissions rejecting matchups they proposed; managers demanding extra money from them and so forth – yet still they persevere because they love what they do so much they can’t imagine leaving it all behind! But no matter the hardship, regional promoters remain passionate about their sport – simply cannot imagine leaving it.


Hosting events like amateur fights and professional seminars is an effective way to attract new members while creating an unforgettable experience for spectators. By hosting such events, it also shows your dedication to providing the highest-quality training environment possible within your gym community, while building relationships with other gyms and businesses nearby.

MMA is one of the world’s most captivating and thrilling sports, as you can see from upcoming 2024 MMA events, drawing participants from various combat sports fields such as boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu and freestyle wrestling. When combined, these fighting arts combine into one hybrid sport that perfectly blends strength, speed and technique.

Make your MMA event stand out by finding its unique value proposition (UVP). This could involve featuring local fighters or hosting at an historic venue; whatever it is, make sure it is communicated throughout all marketing and promotional materials, social media posts and event production materials as well as audience feedback to gain more insight into what audiences desire in an MMA event.


Promoters of mixed martial arts (MMA) events must keep the target audience in mind when planning events, using social media as one strategy. MMA fighters should ensure their social profile accounts are set up correctly, regularly sharing fresh content to increase followership and exposure while sharing posts from event promoters or sponsors as part of this strategy.

Promos can create excitement around an upcoming fight and drive ticket sales and pay-per-view purchases. In creating an effective promo, the fighter’s delivery, tone, eye contact and overall body language play an important part. Furthermore, its content should include trash talk, personal anecdotes or training and preparation stories to make an engaging presentation.

High-quality production is integral to a local combat promotion’s growth. It enhances viewer experiences, enhances its professional image and reliability and can attract additional sponsors for expansion purposes. Spartacus gives local MMA promotions the power to reach global audiences through our partnership program.