Looking for a way to improve patient care within your practice? Converting to electronic health records (EHR or EMR) are a sure-fire way to enhance the patient experience and benefit your practice overall. Keep reading to learn 4 ways to improve patient care with EHR software today.

1. Save Patients Money

EHR systems allow you to e-prescribe for your patients, saving you time and cutting out tedious phone calls for your staff. But e-prescribing can also save your patients money. Use your EHR software to compare rates and give your patients the best prescription pricing available in the area. The software can also offer coupons for medication and send it to the patient via text or printable file. Your practice will save money in a variety of other ways as well, and you can pass those savings onto the patients over time.

2. Communicate Securely

As you know, the patient experience doesn’t stop and start in the exam room. Improve the patient experience by using your EHR software to easily follow up with patients to see how they’re doing. Patients can also reach out to you by sending a message from the user-friendly patient portal. You’ll have a centralized and secure message center to easily enhance communication with patients and staff alike. The cloud-based storage allows for a more secure system that minimizes the risk of HIPAA violations or cyber hacking.

3. Increase Accuracy

Patients aren’t likely to stick around your clinic if they’ve experienced the potentially disastrous repercussions of a medical error. Reduce error margins and increase accuracy at your practice with the help of an organized, comprehensive EMR system. You’ll be able to easily chart and make notes from the EMR dashboard. Identify trends within your practice and find ways to improve the patient experience with the data. EMR allows for increased accuracy with billing since medical coders won’t have to read often illegible handwriting or keep track of paper medical records.

4. Decrease Wait Times

Wait times are a major deciding factor when a patient is looking for a new provider. Keep patients coming back by decreasing wait times with the help of your EHR. Your entire staff can quickly adapt to any intuitive EHR, and they’ll be able to increase efficiencies in the workflow in everything from uploading documents to managing patients. All the time saved will mean you’ll be able to see patients more quickly and dedicate time to what matters most: keeping patients in good health.

Improve Patient Care Today

These are just 4 of the ways electronic health records can improve patient care within your practice, but EHR software has the potential to benefit your practice in a host of other ways. Doctors, practice managers, and office managers alike will love this streamlined, efficient approach to patient records.