Electronic Health Records, or EHR, software (previously coined Electronic Medical Records software), has a way of bringing a medical practice into the modern days. That’s because the best EHR software is designed by healthcare providers who already know exactly what is needed and what isn’t, creating a system that works very well for each medical specialty. 

It’s time to learn more about how EHRs can improve your practice’s chance of reaching both its needed, and its noble, goals. But first, it’s worth understanding the emerging approach of concierge medicine, which offers a personalized healthcare experience that can be further enhanced with modern EHR software.

A Primer on Electronic Health Records

An electronic health record is a term for web-based software that medical providers use to streamline their patient records, administrative tasks, and prescription services. This software has been designed specifically to handle any need your practice may have, whether it’s updating and storing patient profile information, coding medical procedures, or making appointments. 

In addition, EHRs feature:

  • Pre-structured templates that reduce the time required to create and fill out forms
  • Automatic notices of potential allergic reactions, drug interactions, and incorrect documentation
  • Dictation capability
  • Full integration into any other practice management software you may already be using

As a busy medical provider or front-office administrator, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and usability of these special software features. Utilizing EHRs can prove to be a lifesaver (perhaps even literally) in your practice. The improved efficiency and accuracy of keeping and maintaining your patients’ medical records will be a solid upgrade to your old system.

Enhancing Your Practice with Electronic Health Records

If you’re ready for an enhanced experience, get ready to have it thanks to a thoughtfully designed EHR system. 

Physicians, nurses, and techs will appreciate:

  • A daily agenda overview for easy, readable access to tasks and notes
  • Simple charting that requires less double-checking and fewer chart pulls  
  • Automatic and integrated lab processes that follow clinical guidelines
  • E-Prescribing for quick medication refills and a reduction in pharmacy call backs

Office and billing staff will enjoy:

  • A more streamlined workflow
  • A dashboard that is easy to understand, customizable for their needs, and remote ready
  • A secure way to send interoffice messages 
  • Flexible, easy-to-schedule calendaring options
  • Proactive and automatic texts to patients regarding upcoming appointments
  • Simple coding that reduces transcription costs and issues with insurance companies 
  • Superbill capacity

Your patients will love:

  • Having a personalized patient portal for billing, messages, and educational materials
  • Receiving prescription discounts automatically
  • Knowing their personal data and information is safe and secure

Because of all the things you, your staff, and your patients will love about electronic health records, you’ll immediately begin to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. 

Upgrading Your Practice With EHR

Are you in need of an upgrade? Most likely! With overworked physicians and underappreciated staff, working day in and day out in an inefficient, laborious, or confusing environment can take its toll. 

Luckily, there’s an easy fix. If you want the quality of care (and patient satisfaction) to go up and costs, errors, and turnover to go down, EHRs can certainly do the trick. No matter your goal, electronic health records will help you achieve them.