With so many light options these days, it will be pretty difficult to figure out exactly what needs to be done for each room. Fortunately, there are experts in this category, including those at the website enter light.

They shared with us steps every person should take so that they are making the right decisions. This will not only save a person time and money, but it will make a home look as good as ever.

Understand the role of each room

Each room needs a different type of lighting, based on its main use. Nothing is set in stone, but the right lighting makes a big difference.

Ambient lighting

The first step is to always understand what the goal is for each room out there. Some rooms are meant to have ambient lighting that fills up the entire room. It provides natural light and the right amount of uniqueness. A chandelier is one example, while others will use track lighting, pendant lights and more.

Work lighting

There are certain rooms in every home that need the right amount of lighting to see all the details. Some people need it for reading. Some just believe that it helps them focus a little bit more on what they are doing.

Work lighting is usually pretty close by, so it doesn’t need to travel that far to fill up the area. It’s also not on all the time, so having ambient light in the same room works best.

Accent lights

These lights are perfect to highlight specific areas in a room. Some people do this to showcase their artwork, while others just want to make everything look a little more unique.

The wattage for accent lights is pretty low, so don’t worry too much about that. Everything mostly falls into place when a person examines exactly what they want.

What makes the most sense for each room?

Living room

Living room setups need ambient lighting. It might also help to add an accent light or two to make the room unique.


Ambient lighting above helps, but there needs to be plenty of light on the counter. There are a lot of specific lights in the kitchen that can be very useful.


Bedrooms are usually filled with a combination of lights. There are going to be specific areas for work lighting, but ambient light needs to be there as well.

Those people who struggle with sleep should keep in mind that all lights need pointed away from the bed if possible. This helps to create darkness when it is most needed.


The bathroom is usually filled with quite a bit of work lighting. There might be one ambient light overhead but focus everything else on paying attention to detail.

Most people in the bathroom want to make sure that they can brush their teeth correctly, put on makeup correctly and more. The only way to do that is to have specific work lighting.

Finding the bulbs that work

At Interlight, they categorize everything for quick shopping. No matter what type of specific lighting is needed, there are plenty of bulb options for those lights. 

Visit their website at https://www.interlightus.com/ and don’t be afraid to shop around and find the perfect fit stylistically, and in the right price range. Great lighting in the home can make a huge difference.