Training a dog in the right way can be an expensive endeavor. Most people feel like they need a professional to take care of everything, but it can become pretty costly if there are any complications. Not only that, but some dogs have problems learning from one human, and then trying to learn from another at home. Improper or delayed training especially when your dog is a puppy can lead to several dangerous behavioral issues such as aggression and biting especially in small breeds.

For those people who are worried about spending too much money, BarxBuddy is one of the best solutions out there. For well under $100, a person can train their dog the right way, instead of using practices that are not beneficial and even harmful.

How exactly is it so beneficial? The company keeps everything very simple, and that benefits the dog and the owner.

Initial learning curve

There is always a little bit of a learning curve when trying a new training technique with a dog. Not only does the dog need to get familiar with the new device, but the human needs to know how to use it properly. The good news about BarxBuddy is that it’s very easy to use, and most people feel comfortable with it in under an hour.

There are just a few ways to properly use BarxBuddy, and dogs react to the way it works very well. It provides a sound that is undetectable by humans, and it will make them stop whenever they are doing something that they shouldn’t be doing.

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Harmless to dogs

Since it’s a simple sound that is played, BarxBuddy is completely harmless to dogs, and owners for that matter. While the sound is annoying enough for dogs to stop what they are doing, it’s not putting them in any danger. Their ears are perfectly fine, and there are no chemicals or physical contact whatsoever.

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The method used by BarxBuddy is used quite a bit by professional training services as well. It’s a big reason why it has taken off.

Visual learning as well

A lot of the focus is on learning by sound, but there is also a bright LED light at the end of every device. This light is very helpful for people who like to take walks with their dog at night. For starters, it illuminates the surrounding area, so a person never feels like they are in a scary place. It also can help stimulate dogs visually if they are having trouble with the sound.

What if it doesn’t work?

As is the case with any type of device out there, some people might be afraid at first that BarxBuddy might not work. While the majority of dogs will respond and learn from BarxBuddy, there is also the assurance that the company provides a money-back guarantee on all orders from
If a better training solution is found, there is no shame in using that. BarxBuddy believes they offer the most economical solution that works on the market right now. At the very least, it’s worthy of a try if other things are not working with the dog. You might want to connect with BarxBuddy on Twitter and Facebook to see more dog training success stories or visit their website at