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If you find it tough to go to work, or you’re itching for a change, it turns out, you’re not alone. A recent study shows that 69% of people feel trapped by their routine, and only 3 out of 10 people are happy with their lives. A career shift could be life changing, if you’re unhappy with your situation. One company is getting attention for its success and growth, and many people are thinking about applying to work there. F.H. Cann & Associates has been an industry leader in account receivables management solutions for two decades. The company has several hundred employees, and in their most recent example of expansion and growth, the company have hired 100 new team members to its North Andover, Massachusetts Office. With all of this in mind, you may be wondering what it’s like to work at F. H. Cann & Associates.

About F. H. Cann & Associates

F. H. Cann & Associates is an industry leader when it comes to taking on some of the most challenging accounts receivables management issues. They work with clients across a wide range of industries, including education, government, financial institutions, commercial, and medical. The company has been expanding for the past two decades. It was co-founded by Sheri A. Traficante-Cann and Frank H. Cann Jr. in 1999. They each bring more than 20 years of collections experience to their company. 

The FHC Difference

Everyone who works at FHC agrees that there is one thing that makes the company stand out from the competition: it’s called The FHC Difference. This impacts every component of the organization, and leads to success with both customers, and employees. It includes five different components:

Employee Engagement

All FHC employees are highly-trained, and experts in customer satisfaction. FHC employees are the best in the business when it comes to accounts receivables management services. They are also dedicated to protecting customers information. Employees are always growing, as they are frequently trained and certified.

Customer Centric

Customers are the center of the business when it comes to FHC. FHC prides itself on coming up with individualized plans for each customer they work with, and each customer is assigned a dedicated staff, who handles their specific needs.

Compliance & Quality

FHC keeps itself in check with its Compliance & Quality Assurance team. FHC is known for far surpassing industry standards when it comes to quality.

Technology & Infrastructure

FHC is capable of warding off cyber-security threats. FHC uses the best industry practices to protect customer data. FHC’s information security program has been audited and certified by many global and federal organizations.

Social Responsibility

FHC is committed to positively impacting its community and works to positively impact social responsibility. FHC is involved with a number of organizations including the Pulmonary Hypertension Association, Professional Woman of the Collections and Call Center Industries, and Veterans Assisting Veterans.

What is it like to work at FHC?

Employees find that working at F.H. Cann & Associates gives them the chance to be a part of a successful and growing company. There is room for growth within the organization, and FHC is known for hiring from within when it comes to new vacancies. This is great for employees who are looking to grow within the organization. FHC employees also find that they enjoy great benefits, and competitive wages, and that the founders of FHC are mindful of their happiness and goals. FHC employees are highly trained, and experts in their field. As the company expands, it’s no wonder many people are applying to work at FHC.