The travel industry has met a lot of changes over the last few years. Between advancements in technology and the travel field itself, the vacation industry has changed exponentially in the last few years alone. It’s with these advancements that vacations have become an easier and more accessible endeavor for many, no matter their interest, finances, or travel knowledge.

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Quality Marketing Group’s goal is to make going on vacations a reality for everyone. Through their ability to provide affordable, accessible vacations to many, Quality Marketing Group has paved the way in the travel industry. They’re using their expertise in the industry to expand the vacation realm to more people no matter their background. As provided by Quality Marketing Group, here are 4 innovations which revolutionized the travel industry.


One of the most frustrating part of booking a vacation is all of the loose ends. Flight? Car? Hotel? Resort? Reservations? Tickets? It can easily feel like a never-ending list of things to do to get ready for a vacation. This long list of tasks can make a vacation seem overwhelmingly expensive and time-consuming to plan. Being able to “bundle” your vacation tasks all in one place keeps you organized, makes it easy, and can even make it cheaper!

Affordable Pricing

A lot of websites offer cheaper pricing on hotels and flights by filling rooms and seats that would otherwise go unpurchased. This system is a win/win for both industry and consumer. The concept takes the gap between supply and demand and makes it appealing to a consumer that might not otherwise have considered it. For example, a room that might otherwise go unused can be listed for a much cheaper price than it originally went for. This fills a room that might have otherwise gone unused for the hotel and finds a wider audience with a different cost range than the original price.

Information Accessibility

Being able to look into your vacation location and things to do in the area has revolutionized the travel industry for those who might have otherwise been concerned over comfortability. Whether it’s reading reviews, purchasing tickets ahead of time, or simply easier access to the area, the accessibility to information regarding your vacation makes it easy to plan every last detail before you even set foot in the city.

Vacation Homes

The vacation home industry has revolutionized the vacation industry by offering a way for return travelers to come back again and again. Vacation homes allow a more accessible means to those looking for more affordable accommodations. Many choose to purchase a vacation home. Others can benefit through rental systems set up by many owners and vacation home properties.
Like many industries, the travel industry has benefitted from the advancements in technology through a variety of ways. For the first time, the ability to go on much needed has become easier for anyone no matter the budget, comfort zone, or vacation destination with the help of businesses like Quality Marketing Group.