A sound and robust health entails enhancing the functionality of the body. External threats are many that the body comes across, but a caring for overall health leads to realizing one’s purpose. In recent years, technological advancements led to research and studies in the medical field. More people are now aware of the various disease-causing micro-organisms. Being pro-active in personal care is a significant technique of being healthy, i.e. mental, physical, and emotional. Urgent care is essential for someone in pain or requiring medical attention. Let us understand more about achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Types of Health

Below are the common types of health in human beings;

• Physical

• Mental

• Financial

• Emotional

• Spiritual

The first two types of health are the most common, and we will discuss them in details later. On the other hand, the remaining three are a critical part of developing a healthy lifestyle. Having stability in finances helps one adopt a nutritional diet. Emotional well-being builds self-esteem while spiritual health aids in mental wellness.

Factors that Influence a Person’s Health

Below are two significant factors that influence health;


Some of the common illnesses and diseases are genetic. One can be susceptible to certain kinds of conditions when a person has their parent’s genes. The genetic composition of a person will influence the sate of a person’s health since birth.


A person’s surroundings will have a significant influence on the level of health. Exposing oneself to unhealthy environments is a major cause of genetic conditions to manifest. It is critical to live in an environment that is clean and free from germs. Breathing clean air reduces the chances of illnesses due to pollution.

Having non-toxic relationships will help in mental and emotional well-being. It allows you to be happy as well as to find social support from the community that you live in. Choosing the kind of life that you live can either have a positive or negative effect on your health. It is critical to limit the use of drugs and risky sexual behaviors. Improving social life reduces stress and makes the body less prone to lifestyle diseases.

Physical Health

Good nutrition and regular exercising are vital for developing good physical health. Research shows that human beings can live longer by being active and fit. Whenever visiting a new place, it is essential to be vaccinated. Maintaining high levels of hygiene and cleanliness is beneficial to physical health.

Mental Health

Without mental health, a person cannot enjoy a full life. The experiences that one undergoes can affect the perception of life. It may lead to cognitive problems that affect the psychological, emotional, and social well-being.

Becoming a healthier Person

Although change is hard, it is inevitable when one is looking to make life better. The process of attaining a healthy lifestyle is gradual. A systematic approach to healthy living will help you achieve more with less time. It is critical to find alternative activities and products to those that harm your health.