Anxious dog

More and more people are hearing about the many uses of CBD – Cannabidiol products. What most people are probably still unaware of is that you don’t have to have two legs to appreciate the benefits of these products. Animals can also enjoy the many, often unconsidered, benefits of CBD products. Treat your dog and help support their immune system and mood implementing CBD treats as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Sometimes we all need a little help relaxing.

Dogs rarely leave our side once they become a part of our family. After all, they did not earn the title of man’s best friend for no reason. Despite this, there are many times when our four-legged companions need our help. For the most part, dogs appreciate the pack structure of a family, predictability, understanding who is in charge. However, when dogs don’t feel this, they can often become anxious. This could be something as trivial as hyperactivity and bouncing around to the amusement of passers-by, or something more significant such as destructive behavior, urinating indoors and becoming disobedient.

So the answer is simple, right? Make sure your dog can relax, knowing that everything is okay by being the leader of the pack, maintaining the structure and a consistent environment. But what about those difficult times you can’t predict? Family changes, moving house and elevated stress levels within your household are all things your dog will pick up on, and likely react to, sometimes before you even react to them.

Although there is no substitute for training, understanding your dog’s behavior and maintaining consistency, there are many times it is necessary to supplement this regimen, which is where CBD treats come in.

Relaxed Pup offers an extensive range of dog treats, designed to help your faithful companion relax during times of excess stress and support a calm mood. These are ideal for road trips and vacations, moving house and during significant routine changes which are likely to cause anxiety. They can also be used for dogs who have a naturally higher baseline for behavior, resulting in hyperactivity, where for unknown reasons, a dog just has a more naturally heightened active state.

Will My Dog Experience A ‘High?’

THC is the psychoactive compound generally associated with the heightened experience many people confuse CBD for providing. In fact, THC only occurs in exceptionally low amounts in hemp products such as our dog treats, low enough that no high is possible.

The misconception stems from a much higher THC percentage which is generally found in hemp’s family plant; marijuana. As discussed, although the two are related they are different in many ways. As such, your dog will not experience a heightened state but quite the opposite, the CBD treats will help with mood calming and anxious behavior reductions.

Further Benefits of CBD Treats

CBD treats do not just have to be for calming your dog; our treats contain proteins and omega oils, which as many pet owners will know are crucial for healthy joints and luscious, soft coats.

Many older dogs and some breeds experience joint and muscular pain or discomfort on some level. CBD products can help alleviate and prevent, in some cases, such as pain and discomfort.
Certainly, for humans, the use of CBD products to support anti-cancer diets and treatments is becoming more widespread, so why should it be any different for your faithful companion? Support their immune systems and bodies whilst providing them with a natural treat, as mentioned in Dogs Naturally Magazine.