How John Crestani Discovered His “Work at Home Secrets”

COVID-19 has thrown the whole world into a remote work frenzy. On a sad note, many businesses crumbled, causing millions of people worldwide to lose their jobs and livelihood sources. So, most people are either working from home or looking for ways to make some cash online before they get conventional employment.

In the middle of this buzz is John Crestani, creating a new narrative for job seekers and remote workers in this period. To help newcomers and professionals looking to scale their status while working at home, John Crestani published a beneficial book titled Work at Home Secrets. This book details his life story and work, numerous scams, and the methods to make legit money online.

Many onlookers wonder about the secrets that make up John Crestani’s bestselling book and how he got to find out about those timely truths.

How John Crestani Discovered His “Work at Home Secrets”

Here are some ways that John Crestani discovered the tips that make up his Work at Home Secrets.

Personal Experiences

The bulk of the secrets and tips in John Crestani’s bestseller book came from his personal experiences as a remote worker and affiliate marketer. John Crestani didn’t have a smooth ride to the current fame and wealth he enjoys. He started as a typical young man, addicted to video games and almost losing his direction.

His life changed through the pages of Tim Ferriss’s book titled The 4-Hour Workweek. Afterward, he chose to sell random stuff on eBay. He later returned back to a 9-5 work in Los Angeles before taking life head-on and went full swing into affiliate marketing.

His life’s trajectory exposed him to the secrets that shaped the digital work industry. These experiences and knowledge from his current jobs are what inspired him to write his book.

Experiences of colleagues

John Crestani also culled many of his work at home secrets from his colleagues’ experiences, who are also digital marketers. Notably, John Crestani runs a course on affiliate marketing online.

Throughout this program, his students have reported their countless experiences. All the scams, success tips, and viable procedures have been poured at as secrets in his highly rated book.

Stories of success and scams on social media

Social media is today’s billionaire city. There’s arguably no information missing on social media.

Given the knowledge base on the internet and social media, John Crestani took to digital platforms to document several people’s experiences. He drew success stories and money-making hoax from random people’s experiences and converted them into profitable knowledge secrets for everyone through his book.

Research and Polls

John wasn’t lazy with his research; he went further to conduct in-person studies with lots of random online workers to see tips that made them excel. These tips are some of the Work At Home Secrets you can find in the book of the same title.

Remote Employer Recommendations

John Crestani is well respected in the community of remote workers and employers. His close relationships made him get recommendations from remote work employers regarding what they require in freelancers and marketers.

As such, the work at home secrets in his book are real-life, authoritative success expectations from employers and stakeholders.

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