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Every new customer that you attract into your business represents a lot of money and work. Not only do the customers come and make the first purchase, but they are also selected to make other more purchases of the same products or different ones.

So once you have managed to attract a new customer, you would want to do everything you possibly can to make the most of this asset. Your aim as a business person should be to keep adding new clients to the list of your solid existing customers who are continually purchasing more of your company’s product. The key to retaining your new customers is to keep offering them products that they can buy, and this will go a long way in retaining them. Here are things you can do to reach a higher customer lifetime value using mailing list services.

Offer them premium service

Once in a while, you can supplement your customers who usually take standard service with premium services. Some of them will not mind them from time to time. The premium services bring in enough revenues; the aim will be to slowly introduce these services to them.

Offer additional products and services that complement your core business

You can offer other products and services to your customers, which are different from the premium and standard ones, to build an excellent lifetime value. What you need to do is learn your customer’s preferences which you can do through research. Then you develop ideas of which products and services will be appealing to your customers and communicate to them through mail services.

Put your customers on a customer retention path

It is essential that each customer you get to follow a customer retention path as they develop a personal relationship with your company. This way, you can communicate to them what to buy and make special offers to them after they have purchased some items from you.