Seated atop the tent of the United Arab Emirates is its fourth-largest member, Ras Al Khaimah. Nestled in the northwest portion of the region, the emirate has embraced its tourist roots behind the efforts of the RAK Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA). An unlikely economic giant, Ras Al Khaimah has been forced to flourish through unlikely means as they are one of the few emirates bereft of vast oil reserves.

To continue pulling in tourists to the region, the RAKTDA has announced a new development initiative that endeavors to pull in north of 1.5 million visitors through 2021 and more than 3 million by 2025. As tourists engage with travel once again in the wake of COVID-19, RAK aims to be a contender for their attention.

Let’s take a look at the meat and potatoes behind the Sustainable Development Initiative put in place by the Ras al-Khaimah Tourism Development Authority.

Going Green For Sustainable Tourism

As tourists begin to engage with travel once again, a lingering desire to responsibly social distance will likely remain in place. When tourists look for getaways that diverge from traditional city meccas, they’ll find something at once appealing and comforting about what Ras al-Khaimah has to offer. With beautiful beaches, natural wonders, and thousands of years of history, RAK has plenty to offer.

Yet it is the change in direction toward sustainable tourism that will keep Ras al-Khaimah competitive with the other members of the UAE. According to the Chief Executive of RAKTDA, Raki Phillips, “It has been an incredibly busy and proactive time at RAKTDA.” Phillips would go on to explain that RAK is aiming to evolve into a truly global destination.

To help accomplish his goals, Raki Phillips and the RAKTDA board will work with more than £96 million through investment funding. Currently, Raki Phillips hopes that this funding can create 20 exciting initiatives that will lead to the massive tourism goals outlined above. Raki Phillips said, “These projects also align with our vision and strategy moving forward.”

Exciting Initiatives Open Up Travel

When Ras al-Khaimah successfully establishes its 20 initiatives, they will likely find a willing stream of tourists on the way to enjoy them. The UAE currently has the highest COVID vaccination rate on the planet, while becoming the first destination to score the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Safe Travels Certification. Since October, the RAK government has been supplying free inbound COVID PCR tests to all travelers. This has led RAK to earn a COVID-safe reputation throughout its region.

Echoing the efforts of Raki Phillips was Alison Grinnell, the CEO at RAK Hospitality Holding. Grinnell discussed how navigating the world’s new post-COVID “normal” will require a reimagining of the hospitality sector. Grinnell outlined several key projects under development through the initiative including eco-friendly pop-up hotels, the Saij A. Mantis Collection Mountain Lodge, and the Cloud7 Camp AlSawan glamping adventure.

Avid travelers that want to take part in a renewed tourism experience will do well to take a glance at the full list of initiatives coming to the region.