not organized jewelry

Organizing jewelry requires different types of storage space to ensure that the pieces remain in good condition for many years to come. For example, people who own both necklaces and earrings should avoid throwing them together in a single jewelry box because they are likely to become tangled.

Untangling jewelry is frustrating, especially when it results in one or more pieces breaking.

The good news is that it only takes a bit of creative thinking to store jewelry in a safer way that also makes it easier to find. To avoid hunting all over the house in the morning for certain pieces of jewelry, people should consider placing their collection as close as possible to where they normally dress in the morning.

Buy Separate Types of Organizers for Each Type of Jewelry

Necklaces should hang when not in use to prevent them from twisting into knots or the clasps breaking. Making a small investment in a necklace tree is a great way to organize these long pieces of jewelry.

If any branches of the decorative tree remain after hanging necklaces, it is perfectly acceptable to place other types of jewelry there such as rings or bracelets.

A necklace tree is sure to generate conversation if placed in a common area of the home. Even if the jewelry owner is the only one to ever see it, a necklace tree adds a whimsical decorating touch to any room.

A small ring bowl is also a good idea for storing a specific type of jewelry. For people who do not want to wear their wedding ring to bed, placing a ring bowl on a nightstand makes a convenient place to keep the ring until the following morning.

The ring bowl can hold up to several rings at once, making it ideal for someone who has a lot of rings but only wears some of them on special occasions.

A Simple Ice Cube Tray Will Do for the Smallest Pieces of Jewelry

Keeping a pair of earrings and earring backs together can be impossible when they mix with other jewelry. People who like to wear earrings, pins, or other small pieces of jewelry can keep the pieces safe and organized by placing them in a plastic ice cube tray.

The tray already has at least 12 openings, so it could not be easier or more convenient.

Organizing Your Jewelry Collections Using Pegboards

organizing your jewelry with pegboard

A pegboard is a piece of metal with several small openings for the owner to place hooks. Typically sold at hardware stores, pegboards are available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

This can be an especially good option for people with a large jewelry collection who want to keep it all together. They just need to group each piece of jewelry by type, place it on a hook, and hang the pegboard on the wall.

Jewelry owners should make sure not to place too much weight on one side to avoid having the board fall down or individual pieces of jewelry fall on the floor. Pegboards are lighter than most people expect, making them easy to transport between rooms.