How To Find Quality Employees in NYC

Finding quality employees is one of a business’ biggest struggles. Not only is it a huge expense if you find employees that don’t gel well with the company, but also if you experience a high turnover that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars per hire and mean you find yourself in the same position down the line. If you’re wanting to find quality employees in NYC, here are some simple steps you can take to ensure you find the best of the best:

1. Hire a Staffing Agency

Choosing to hire a staffing agency can be a great way to find the perfect fit for your company. Not only do they have specialist resources to help ensure that the candidates they find will be appropriate for the positions, but they can also do company specific screening and vetting to help ensure they would be a good fit for the long term. Using a staffing agency NYC will save you time, stress, and perhaps even money. Instead of spending weeks or months curating a list of potential applicants, you can see a short, filtered list of candidates that are likely to meet your company’s needs.

2. Ask Them About Their Goals
It can be easy to fall into the routine of asking what they can offer the company, but you also need to flip the table around and see what your company can offer them long term and how that lines up with their goals. If someone shares that their long term goal is to pursue another industry, or to go back to study a different field at college, then it might be worth considering how suitable they really are for the long term. Figuring out ways your company can provide the new hires with ways to grow in their role and continue to be challenged, is an important aspect in employee retention.

3. Don’t Forget About Currently Employed People
It can be easy to focus on the search on people who are currently unemployed or between jobs, but head hunting for specific people who may already be in paid employment can be a great way to get quality staff members. In order to offer an incentive to those who are already employed, you’re going to have to offer a pay rate and package that is enticing enough for them to change positions. In the United States, employment benefit packages such as insurance and paid leave, can act as a considerable incentive to encourage people to stay with their company. The more advantages your company can offer to potential employees, the more likely you’ll be to attract the best of the best.

Looking for quality employees in NYC can be challenging, but with these tips I hope you can find staff members that help your business flourish.