Substance abuse impacts all types of people around the world regardless of social class. Addiction is a reality in today’s world with very few resources available for people to get help. Unfortunately, the judicial system doesn’t always provide the substance abuse treatment that is needed. The strategy is to incarcerate them then let them loose whether they are truly rehabilitated or not. Substance abuse is something that so many people slipped into during the pandemic due to a lack of activities to participate in. The following are tips to identify and deal with a substance abuse issue. 

Starting To Lose Interest In Hobbies

People that are falling into addiction tend to lose interest in things that do not directly relate to the substance of choice. Certain hobbies tend to be linked with substance abuse as golfing seems to be a pass to drink like crazy for 18 holes. Friends will notice if you are withdrawing or might be avoiding you if your addiction has taken over. Addicts tend to hurt those around them the most besides themselves due to the sadness they feel watching a person spiral in addiction.


Arrests can be a sign that it is time to get help or reevaluate your choices. Getting a Raleigh DWI lawyer or one that specializes in drug possession can be important. They work on these cases annually and can help you with your case. Getting a plea deal could be possible or even entering into a diversion program. If there were any issues regarding your arrest, the charges could potentially get dropped. 

Financial Issues

Financial issues can be a telltale sign of substance abuse for various reasons. A person could be having trouble at work leading to their termination or could be in a commission-based job where they are not performing. Certain substances are more expensive than others with alcohol being one of the cheapest. Take a look at your account to see how much you are spending on your substance of choice. Putting this into perspective can be enough for some people not far into their addiction to convince them to stop. Seeing you spent around a house downpayment annually on your addiction is a real reality check. 

Seeking Help 

Seeking help can be tough to do as you will have to admit that you have a substance abuse issue. Professional help is going to be needed if you have addicted to certain substances. Alcohol can actually have deadly withdrawal symptoms if a person has had a massive amount to drink daily for a period of time. Reaching out to various programs is easier than ever and you can attend substance abuse meetings online. Talking with other addicts can help you immensely as you will not feel alone as addiction often makes people feel. 

Substance abuse is something that you have to deal with as it will not resolve itself. Getting professional help can be important and there are 12-step programs to look into. These are relatively inexpensive as programs like AA and NA are both free to attend.