6 Tips for Finding a Credit Card with Rewards Before Holiday Shopping

Many people are heading out to the stores this weekend for some holiday shopping. If you’re one of them, then you might be looking for a credit card that will give you some perks. It’s important to find the right credit card before hitting the stores. Otherwise, your wallet could end up feeling lighter than it should! In this post, we’ll go over six tips on how to find a credit card with rewards before doing any shopping.

1- Look for a credit card with rewards that are applicable in your area.

 For example, if there’s no Whole Foods or Starbucks nearby, then it doesn’t make sense to get the credit card that gives you free food at these locations. Could you make sure the perks seem worth it?

2- Check out what kind of reward points can be earned per dollar spent.

Some cards give more points on certain types of purchases like gas and groceries. This can help maximize how quickly you earn bonuses!

3- Don’t forget about annual fees when searching for a good deal.

Annual fees usually aren’t charged until after 12 months, so try not to stress too much over them right away and keep an eye out for how much they are.

4- Compare the credit cards with other similar ones before making a purchase decision.

Just because one has higher rewards doesn’t mean it’s automatically better than another one! Read up on both and see which fits your needs more so you can make an informed choice.

5- Look at what other perks come along with signing up for each card.

For example, some might give free air travel or no foreign transaction fees when traveling internationally, while others may have lower interest rates or extended warranties on purchases. It just depends on what kind of experience you want to have and any possible expenses that go along with using them in everyday life!

Take advantage of sign-up bonus offers. These can help sweeten the deal by giving you a few bonuses once you first open your new credit card account. They’re usually worth looking into, so consider checking out what might be available to you before making any purchases this holiday season!

6- Don’t forget about the long-term costs that come with using a credit card. 

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the rewards and sign-up bonuses, but you should still look at what your total balance will be over time because these cards usually have higher interest rates than traditional bank accounts. Make sure it’ll work well for any existing debt or monthly payments too!

Finally, check to see if the card issuer is offering any new promotions before using it for your holiday shopping. You might be able to earn bonus points or cashback on certain items, which will help maximize how much of a return you get with each purchase!

If you follow these six tips, finding a good credit card before heading out on holiday shopping is super simple! They can help make gift-giving much easier by saving some money when buying gifts while also earning extra perks along the way.