Do you own a boat and find yourself constantly having to go back and forth between the steering wheel and the key? If so, then an E-key remote would be perfect for you. With this type of remote, all you have to do is press a button on your remote control and it will automatically start up your boat. You can also turn off or adjust the speed of your boat without ever touching anything with your hands! This post will discuss the 6 advantages of having an E-key for your boat.

1. Save Time and Improve Safety

Think of all the times you’re either on your way to or from your boat. You could be carrying fishing supplies, groceries, kids, etc. If you have an E-key remote for your boat, then you won’t have to go back at forth between the steering wheel and key every time you want to start it up! You can just push a button, sit down in the driver’s seat and drive off. It also allows for two people to drive at once if they each have their remotes!

2. Improve Convenience

The option to have an E-key remote is already included with most boats, so all you have to do is purchase the actual wireless control feature that plugs into your boat’s onboard computer system. It can be used in any kind of weather at any time because the remote allows you to steer and control engine speed without ever getting out of dry clothes. You’ll never have to wait for someone else again if you want to go for a ride because it allows two people or more each to use their remotes.

3. Boost Resale Value

Having an E-key remote for your boat will help raise its resale value because it is a feature that most people look for when buying boats. Anyone who wants to take their family out on the water, but doesn’t want to hassle with parking or tying up their boat would love this feature. It’s also easy to install and maintain!

4. Switch Between Remotes Whenever You Want

If you know other people who own boats, then they might be interested in purchasing the same type of E-key system so all of you can switch off using each others’ remotes whenever you want without having to worry about “losing” them. So if one person decides not to go out with the group, but another person still wants to, you could just go over to their house and use their E-key remote.

5. Upgrade Your Current Boat

If you don’t own a boat yet but plan on getting one soon, then an E-key would be something for you to look into. It’s much easier than investing money into buying an entirely new motor! Just purchase the keyless engine control system instead of having to buy all kinds of different equipment that you might not end up using like multiple remotes or hand controls. You can either install it yourself or have someone do it professionally for you depending on how handy you are with tools and wiring systems.

6. Very Easy Installation Process

Many boat owners have been asking where they can purchase an E-key system for their boat, but have been having a hard time finding it. They are still very much in demand because of how useful and convenient they are to have. If you already own a boat then chances are that it’s probably compatible with this type of engine control system because most people who own boats want one!