The Brazilian butt lift is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that adds volume and fullness to your buttocks. This is accomplished by using a minimally invasive procedure called liposuction to harvest fat from body areas with unwanted and excess fatty tissue. Once the fat is harvested, it will be processed and then injected into your buttocks. Before you jump right into this procedure, there are some key things that you should keep in mind to help you prepare and plan.   

A Brazilian Butt Lift Requires Fat Removal from Problem Areas

For you to gain a fuller, more curvaceous butt with natural-looking results, a certain amount of fat will need to be harvested from a different part of your body. In order to do this, a minimally invasive procedure known as liposuction will be used to break the fat cells and remove them from problem areas in your body such as your abdomen, thighs, upper arms, hips, or back.  Once the fat is harvested, it will undergo a purification process to separate impurities such as blood, oils, and tissue fluid from the healthy fat. The fat will be then stored in vials and will be injected into your buttocks to add volume and fullness. This entire process makes Brazilian butt lift a two-in-one procedure.

The Risk of Complications is Low with Brazilian Butt Lift

Because the procedure makes use of your own body fat and only requires small incisions, the risk of complications is usually low. It eliminates the need for foreign objects such as butt implants so you will never experience rejection reactions and other implant-related complications. However, in rare cases, you may experience any of the following untoward signs and symptoms following a Brazilian butt lift:

  • Asymmetry
  • Blood clot formation
  • Changes in the sensation of your skin
  • Infection
  • Loss of skin
  • Lumps under your skin
  • Nerve damage
  • Pain
  • Pockets of blood under your skin
  • Prolonged swelling and bruising
  • Unfavorable scarring

Before undergoing a BBL surgery procedure, each step will be carefully explained to you along with the associated risks and complications for you to gain more knowledge.

The Results of a Brazilian Butt Lift are Natural and Permanent

Because of the unique technique involved in this procedure, which harvests unwanted fat from problem areas in your body to enhance the appearance of your buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift can give you a natural look and feel to your backsides. By using natural fat cells, it allows you to feel and move in the same way that your natural tissue would. If you have butt implants, you cannot achieve this because the use of a foreign object under your natural tissue may interfere with the sensation and movements of your buttocks. In addition, you will likely achieve very natural results with Brazilian butt lift since it requires the injection of 500 cc of fat per buttock to create a modest increase in size and prevent too much fat reabsorption. Once the fat cells are injected into your buttocks, they will establish themselves with new blood vessels which allow them to survive for a long time, thus, ensuring permanent results.

It may take some time for the Final Results to become Noticeable

The results of Brazilian butt lift happen over time, not overnight. After your procedure, you will likely experience swelling and some discomforts in the injection sites. During the first few months, 15-35% of the injected fat will dissolve and your body will reabsorb them. To achieve your desired results, you will need 2 to 4 treatment sessions. After 6 months, you can expect to see the final results of the procedure. While the injected fat can already survive during this time and you can fully enjoy the benefits of the procedure, it is important that you should commit to a healthy lifestyle. This is because future weight gain can cause the fat cells to expand or increase in size, altering the results of the procedure.

A Brazilian butt lift is a great way to address the lack of volume and fullness in your buttocks while removing unwanted fat from problem areas in your body. Before undergoing the procedure, make sure to equip yourself with the right information and knowledge to better prepare yourself ahead of time.