6 Tips for Making a Rooftop Area Pet-Friendly

Whether you’re a pet owner or not, it’s hard to deny that rooftop areas are perfect for enjoying the outdoors. There are plenty of reasons to love spending time up high, from taking in a city view to getting some fresh air. But what about when you want to bring your pet along? If you’ve been asking yourself, “How do I make my rooftop pet-friendly?” look no further.

1: Have the Right Type of Roof.

Not all roofs are created equal when it comes to accommodating pets. If you have a flat roof, it will be much easier to make pet-friendly than if you have a peaked roof. Additionally, if your rooftop is covered in plants or has a lot of furniture, it will be difficult for pets to roam around freely. Make sure to choose a type of roof conducive to having animals on it.

2: Have Enough Space for Your Pet to Play.

Only allow them up on the roof when you are with them to be left alone for too long. If your dog is particularly energetic, consider setting up a roof garden where they can run around and be free of confines. A garden on your rooftop provides your pet with a designated space to play and explore outdoors. Besides, a roof garden will make your rooftop area more pet-friendly, but it can also help improve air quality and reduce energy usage.

3: Install a Railing System.

A railing system is essential for ensuring your pet’s safety while up on the rooftop. It also gives them something to hold onto so they don’t fall off the edge. Make sure the railing is sturdy and has the proper height. Pets are smaller than most people, but you want to make sure they can’t wiggle out of it and fall off the building.

4: Keep an Eye on Your Pet While it is Up There.

Even if you have a railing system installed, pets still need supervision when roaming around their rooftop area. It is easy for them to get distracted by something or wander too far away from where you were standing beforehand. If someone approaches your door and gets into your roof via ladder, be prepared with some plan in place so that no one will let themselves in, thinking it’s open access to anyone using ladders.

5: Have a Roof Shed

Ensure there is shade available at all times if you plan to make it pet-friendly during warm weather months. Pets don’t sweat like people do, which means they pant heavily to lower their body temperature. This will cause them discomfort if it’s hot because the air won’t circulate properly. To keep your pet comfortable, make sure there is a shade to go under when they are up on the roof.

6: Check for Gaps Where Pets Could Escape Through.

One of the biggest concerns you may have with allowing your pets onto a rooftop area is that they will fall off and get hurt or worse. Make sure you check all perimeter areas before letting your animal roam free so you can ensure no one has made an opening in fencing or any other part of the structure. If anything looks suspicious, patch it back up immediately to avoid accidental injuries from occurring again later down the road.