7 Major Benefits of Using Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is an excellent form of communication. It provides person-to-person conversations that are advantageous to people’s trend of reading and responding to mail. According to research done, direct mail reaches a large number of people. Moreover, this communication channel is not limited to time, space or format.

1- It is tangible.

They are tangible means that they can be held or touched. Direct mail is tangible. Since mail received by customers or new prospects is through direct means, there are higher chances of receiving messages. It can be in catalogs, leaflets, postcards, or magazines. At the same time, advertising with Direct mail, the recipient of the mail can be able to touch hence having reliable physical evidence, unlike most people who use digital mail, which is prone to scam. Various companies need to ensure that the mail is appealing. This ensures an increased chance of making sales.

2- It comes in a wide range of formats.

It is easy to customize a mail to suit a particular client. Direct mail is a form of communication that provides various formats. They may range from leaflets to postcards to catalogs and magazines. There are no restrictions on paper quality or the use of different colors or mail formats for direct mail in this case.

3- It has a higher response rate.

Over time Direct mail has proven its efficiency since the technique has been used for a very long period and widely. According to the Digital Marketing Association (DMA), emails have an average response rate of 0.12% mail boasts a response of 4.4%. Being creative and customizing your items makes direct mail so versatile. Most businesses can handle this response rate properly and deliver the utmost customer satisfaction. Direct mail takes precedent in its effectiveness over other different marketing channels.

4- It is easy to use.

For Direct mail, there are no keywords to execute, no platform to learn, no placements to research or audience to build, and no complex bidding strategies to review. However, it can be challenging, or some may say difficult. This can be seen through PURLs, entering black plating, variable messaging, and variable images based on the purchase history and geographic region. However, none of the challenges presented above are required to get through the door and execute a well-performing program.

5- It is cost-effective.

The creation of the campaign can be effortless and inexpensive. Some may say its creation can be affordable and straightforward. Mailing for different campaigns is also economical as you can adjust your budget according to the size of your audience.

6- Personalization can be applied.

Seventy-six percent of people say that they trust the advertisements they receive in their mail. Each letter contains personalized information. It is easy to find out what the customer needs by analyzing their previous purchases.

7- It can easily be measured.

Direct mail can easily be measured. It’s easy to devise a way to trace every customer with a code. The results can be input into a database for reference.