Chris de Diego Weighs In On NFT Trends In 2022

Different technology trends have been proposed to become a lot more widely used in 2022, and big corporations have positioned themselves to key in to stay ahead. In the light of these, experts like Chris de Diego have predicted that Web 3.0 and similar applications are going to go big in 2022. Interestingly, both the Metaverse and Web 3.0, would be based on NFTs.

The applications of NFT trends have been increasing daily since we first heard of NFTS. In this interview with blockchain expert, Chris De Diego, he answers our questions on NFT trends in 2022.

NFTs are becoming a lot more than just artists selling art, what new applications of NFTs do you expect will become huge this year?

NFTs have always been a lot more than just people selling art. Non fungible tokens are unique tokens that can be created, stored and exchanged on an immutable blockchain. These are examples of NFTs.

When you look at it from this perspective, you see that the applications of NFTs are boundless. To mention a few innovative applications, NFTs will be used to manage the decentralized web and also the shared, virtual space: The Metaverse.

Also, this technology will be used to manage a number of crypto play-to-earn games, to transfer real estate titles and lots more. Like I said earlier, it’s limitless.

With all the talk on NFTs and money laundering, do you see regulations coming into the NFT space in 2022?

NFTs can be used to transfer ownership of art, and just as it is with physical art, people pay outrageous amounts for art. For some buyers, it’s because they’re interested, and of course, for some it’s for money laundering.

Crypto technology is an open book for all to see, also currency exchanges and decentralized autonomous organization, DAOs, have put a lot of mechanisms in place to combat malicious behavior. Therefore, NFTs do not need external regulation.

Recently, play-to-earn games using NFTs have been increasing. What do you think the future of NFT games will be in 2022? 

In 2021, there were a number of successful play-to-earn games that came up and presently have thousands of people playing every day. From 2022 and beyond, the barriers to entry for these games should have been removed and these games would become a lot bigger.

We should also expect a lot more NFT based games in 2022.

Without a doubt, the cost of gas fees has made NFT trading and use inaccessible to an entire class of society. Is this a trend we should expect to continue in the future, or will it be different?

Yes, the cost of gas fees is a problem, and everybody knows that. Blockchain technology is always developing to solve its problems, so in the future I expect the gas fees to reduce.

We’re also expecting some upgrades in blockchains – like Ethereum that handle NFTs – that would reduce the cost of gas fees.

Web 3.0, a decentralized web could revolutionize the web from what it is now. What role would NFTs play in these?

To put it simple, a decentralized web allows internet users to own their data, not to have them stored with a big corporation in exchange for rights to the data. This technology is built around NFTs because an NFT is a proof that you own your unique data.

As an NFT, it can’t be taken from you, unless you choose to transfer it.