7 Simple Tips for Making a City’s New Dog Park a Success

A dog park is a normal public park where humans and their dogs can have a good time together, and it is fenced all around. Having access to a dog park in the city is always a good resource for people owning dogs. This is a place where they can let loose of the leash and be able to interact with other dogs in the park.

  1. Create A Group Of Dog Park Activists

Talk with multiple people who need spaces to walk with their dogs without a leash. It can be people you know, or you can put a sticker on the local newspaper. The committed group can create a dog park association and will work on meeting with the necessary public officials, addressing any concerns that occur, and also maintaining the dog park.

  1. Have A Public Meeting

After having a committed group in place, meeting as a larger community will assist spread the word to other supporters for soliciting suggestions. You can gather animal control officials, dog owners, veterinarians, and clubs associated with dogs for input and suggestions. You can do so through mailing, distributing, and posting notices.

  1. Educate Dog Owners On Responsibility

Educate dog owners on the requirement of being responsible for their dogs and the mess they cause. Dog owners should pick up after their dogs and not allow aggressive and un-socialized dogs to be loose from their leashes. Such dogs can undermine the success of the dog park.

  1. Have A Clear Mission Statement

The mission statement should contain details on the purpose of the dog park, why you need a dog park, and the benefits a dog park has to dog owners, dogs, and the community at large.

  1. Select The Ideal Site

An ideal area for a dog park should be safe, a location that is easy to access, which considers the needs of the people using the park, and the impact the dog park will have on the environment and the neighbors.

  1. Write A Budget

Have a rough idea of how much it will cost to build and maintain a dog park. Outline the costs for fences, grass, lawn maintenance, garbage disposal and removal, field drainage, benches, a waste station for the dogs, and lighting. A successful dog park should have furniture where the dog owners can sit and observe their dogs and dog waste bag stations.

Some cities are usually ready and willing to finance the building of the dog park, while others prefer to share the building and maintenance costs with a committed group. If you can secure sponsors, it will demonstrate support coming from the business community.

  1. Seek For The Approval Of The Necessary Organizations

Solicit input by meeting with the future neighbors of the proposed park right before you speak to the city hall. Immediately someone raises a concern, try to address it, and bring about possible solutions. Cooperation and goodwill can solve the differences that may arise among neighbors.

A city having a dog park can be a good place for dogs to exercise and socialize with fellow dogs while off the leash. A dog park also gives one time and space to enjoy the outdoors with your dog even though you are in the city.