Because the GAMSAT is such a lengthy and daunting test, you’re certain to have some concerns. Frequently asked questions are included here. If after reading this article you have any further questions or concerns then there are plenty of Gamsat student forums and social media groups where you can find more information.

Do I really need to prepare? Isn’t it an intelligence test?

Yes. There are three parts to the test, and each one requires a particular set of abilities and has its own challenges. When you’re acquainted with the test’s content and type of questions, you’ll feel more confident and relaxed on exam day. To get a high mark, you must do your best to prepare for the test.

How soon should I begin?

Each student’s preparation time is different. It all depends on your present level of expertise and the amount of time you have. You may find certain portions simpler than others depending on your background. Make a strategy and figure out how much time you have to devote to preparing for the GAMSAT, especially if you’re working or in school full time. Preparation for the GAMSAT should begin three to six months in advance, with daily study time averaging two to three hours. However, as previously said, this is entirely dependent on your prior knowledge. For the first three months, we suggest 3-6 hours each day on average.

Are there any prerequisites for taking the GAMSAT?

No. Section 3 is easier to tackle if you have a scientific background, but it isn’t necessary. Sections 1 and 2 may be more intuitive if you’ve studied the humanities before. A-level is the suggested educational level for these scientific subjects. If you haven’t taken any scientific A-levels, don’t worry; just start preparing early. To excel in the science section, you may benefit greatly from the assistance of a specific Gamsat home study course. Attending separate science classes isn’t usually necessary.

To pass the GAMSAT, what amount of preparation is required?

This is a hot-button issue! Biology and chemistry are claimed to be needed at a first-year university education level, whereas physics requires an A-level education. But generally speaking for all subjects, the questions on the GAMSAT Acer exams are more like those found in A-levels.

What GAMSAT resources should I use?

It might be difficult to determine which resources to use since there are so many of them. More information may be found with a web search or in student discussion groups. In general you should look for Gamsat specific materials which are oriented specifically to the test. In particular make sure you find a Gamsat syllabus to guide your studies.

Is it true that I require A-level maths skills?

There’s a misconception that the GAMSAT requires strong maths skills, but in reality, the biggest obstacle is the inability to perform simple mathematical operations without a calculator. Adding and subtracting fractions, for example, will need some practice in mental maths. Section 3 also includes logs and exponents, so be careful to familiarise yourself with the rules for these operations. Rounding up and down can assist you with your mental maths as you practice problems.

Finally don’t allow yourself to become daunted by the long process of sitting Gamsat. As thousands of successful previous candidates have proven, it can be done!