If you have a gun then you know how important it is to make sure your gun is kept in a safe space to prevent any accidental shootings and injuries. One of the most popular ways to keep guns safe is to use a locked gun cabinet or safe, but there are many other ways to prevent accidental injuries with your firearms.

Some basic safety measures you can use on your firearm are installing a trigger lock or using a loaded gun indicator. A trigger lock works like a bike lock and prevents the gun from firing unless the lock is removed first. A loaded gun indicator makes sure that whoever is handling the gun is aware that it is loaded. In combination with a gun safe, these measures can lower the chance of accidental shootings and deaths from firearms by 31%.

Another great way to prevent gun related injury is to take a gun safety course. Many states require this when earning a gun license, but it is a good idea to take one even if your state doesn’t require it. This will ensure that you know the ins and outs of gun safety to prevent any accidental injuries or deaths. 

Investing in gun liability insurance can also protect against any financial costs that can accrue from damage due to accidental shootings or if a gun is lost or stolen. Gun insurance rates can also be reduced if you continuously practice safe gun keeping habits, a great motivator to ensure that guns are kept locked up and secure.

Is gun liability insurance required?