7 Precious Ideas for Including Pets on Your Wedding Day

With the number of people marrying in recent years, the decision to include a pet on your wedding day is becoming more and more popular. Many couples opt to have their pets come to celebrate with them by bringing them along on their special day. A dog or cat is then allowed inside the church or reception hall during their ceremony and can often be seen walking around both before and after. It is also becoming popular to have pets in wedding photographs or have them included in the wedding party.

1: Pictures

Taking pictures with your pet at your wedding is a great idea. You might even consider having them be a part of the wedding party or have a photo with you both. It’s a fun and unique way for you to capture your pet’s history in this special event. You can even dress your pet up in a mini tux or wedding dress to match your wedding attire.

2: Flower Girl

If you have a dog who loves to run around, having her walk down the aisle with you is cute and funny! Another option would be to have her join in on the first dance. It’s an excellent way for her to be included in both ceremony and reception.

3: Bridesmaids

If your pets love other dogs or cats, you might consider having them be part of the bridesmaids or groomsmen group. Some couples even include the animals in their centerpieces or table decorations. It’s a cute way of reflecting your pets’ personalities with the rest of the wedding party.

4: Flower Crowns

Some couples find it fun to have their pets wear crowns while they walk down the aisle. Other teams like to keep the idea simple and have their pets walk alongside them. It is another way to show off your animals’ personalities with the rest of the wedding party.

5: Ring-Bearer

If you have a very well-behaved dog, consider having them be your ring bearer. Choose a pet who knows how to walk on a leash and isn’t likely to chew up the rings. It would also be beneficial to train your dog ahead of time. This way, everything will go smoothly on the big day.

6: Entertainer

Some guests might be amused if you had dogs or cats dance for them at your reception since it is a great way to help keep people entertained during the cocktail hour! Your pet will also feel like they are a part of the fun.

7: Mascot

Some couples choose to have their pet as the mascot at their wedding. The pet wears a dog or cat tux and can be seen walking down the aisle with guests or simply sitting in the front row on top of a pillow. It is another way of bringing your pet into your wedding and sharing their impact on your relationship.

Your choice to include your pet in your big day is entirely up to you and can be as simple or extravagant as possible. Whether you only have one dog in the wedding party, have a dog walk down the aisle with you, or have a cat sit on top of a pillow in the front row, any way of including your pets is special! Whatever choice you make, using your imagination and creativity will allow their remarkable presence on your wedding day to last forever.