With 64% of US adults wearing prescription eyewear, many folks are familiar with the stress and upset of having to purchase a new pair of glasses. From scratches to breaks to wear and tear overtime, prescription lenses need to be replaced. On average, consumers plan to spend $173 on each glasses purchase and with most needing replacement every 1 to 3 years, the cost can add up. But what if there was a way to keep your beloved eyewear frames and just spend the money on the lenses. Enter replacement lenses. 

Replacement lenses give people the freedom to not only keep their preferred frames but also offer an affordable alternative to new glasses. These replacement lenses also come in different tints and colors. Colored lenses aren’t just for stylish choices as many wearers report benefits. For example, blue tinted lenses can enhance vision in foggy weather and protect against highly reflective surfaces. Additionally, pink tinted ones can increase depth perception and detail as well as may reduce migraines. 

Read in the infographic below to learn more about the benefits of replacement lenses and if they may be right for you.

The World of Replacement Lenses
Source: LensFactory